The Culinary Trust and James Beard Foundation scholarships are OPEN TO EVERYONE, FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Previous work experience in the industry is not mandatory (but can prove to be a bonus).

Can some one with minimal culinary experience like me can get in to Le Cordon Bleu?

You have to  be over 18 years old, there is no other major criteria for the course. The class is a mix of students who’ve never stepped into a kitchen before coming to Le Cordon Bleu to those who have had their fair share of restaurant experience.

What is the application process?
For both the scholarships, once you fill out the forms, write your essays and submit the recommendation letter(s), you just have to wait. The Culinary Trust has an extra step – if you are selected as a finalist, you also have a phone interview with a member of the committee to briefly discuss your application.

How much do these applications cost?
For the James Beard Foundation scholarship all you have to do it pay the cost of postage. For The Culinary Trust Scholarship, you have to pay a $25 fee per school you apply to.

The James Beard Foundation asks you to fill out a form that includes questions on work experience, goals and aspirations, activities, awards and honours. The Culinary Trust, in addition, asks for a 500-word statement of purpose. Write facts, write your dream, write why you need the scholarship more than anybody on the planet.

When must I apply for the scholarships?

Both the Trusts accept applications annually. The Culinary Trust accepts applications in February-March and announces the results by May, and the James Beard Foundation accepts applications until May and announces results by August. For exact dates, please check their respective websites because they change slightly every year.