Finding a full-time job in Germany as a foreigner can be tough. While the number of international graduates is constantly increasing and a majority of them wishes to stay in Germany to work, only 25 percent succeed in finding full-time employment. Antti Kapanen from the HTW Berlin is an expert on this topic.  In the six-week online course “Employability”students and graduates in Germany get concrete tools to be succesful in the jobsearch.

The course addresses different areas of career development with a particular focus on international students and graduates:

Course Structure

Chapter 1 – Introduction. In the first chapter, you will meet the instructors, gain an overview of the course and learn what employability means and how higher education develops it.

Chapter 2 – Career identity. Your career identity means the understanding of self on the labour market. This is determined by various factors such as your competences, motivations and values. In this chapter you will learn how these form a coherent career identity.

Chapter 3 – Job application skills. This chapter will give you skills in identifying job opportunities, crafting your application documents and carrying out a managed, effective job application process.

Chapter 4 – Employability skills 1: Interpersonal skills. Daily work with colleagues is different in every country. This chapter aims at making your integration to the German workplace easier. The topics include communication culture, workplace personality, teamwork skills, and negotiation and conflict resolution.

Chapter 5 – Employability skills 2: Work management skills. In this chapter you will learn what is typically expected of you performance-wise at a German workplace. Important topics are proactivity and self-direction, productivity and time management, problem solving skills, and commercial and organisational awareness.

Chapter 6 – Attitudes and self-efficacy. Employability is often linked to the psychology of self. How well you tackle workplace challenges and develop professionally significantly depends on your attitudes, self-efficacy beliefs, self-confidence and self-esteem. This chapter will discuss the meaning of these concepts to your personal employability.

Chapter 7 – Career development project. In chapter 3, you will receive a career project assignment, which you will have six weeks to complete. Chapter 7 will focus on supporting your project by providing advice and answering any questions you may have. The projects are due to be uploaded by the end of this week.

Chapter 8 – Evaluation and goodbye.  At this point your feedback would be very much appreciated and helpful in improving the course. In the background, we will still continue evaluating the projects. The certificate track students will receive a personal review appointment by one of the team members.