Doing a job interview is an act of nerves and insecurities due to the fact that we do not know the state of mind of the interviewer and normally we do not really know the company. Here some golden rules that are always valid.

  1. Stand out from the crowd, regardless of your competition – If your CV doesn’t get read, you’ll never get the job! In The Interview Success Formula, you will be shown how to write the perfect CV/resume, and how to make it stand out to every potential employer – all but guaranteeing you an interview.
  2. Nerves are your worst enemy. They cause you to get flustered, forget things, and lose your train of thought – which can kill your chances of landing the job instantly. I reveal specific and proven techniques that will get rid of that feeling of ‘dread’ just before entering an interview, allowing you to perform at your very best!

  3. Sympathy. When an interviewer gets a good feeling about you straightaway, they’ll be far more likely to hire you! These cutting-edge psychological techniques will ensure that you’re instantly liked – whoever you’re sat in front of.
  4. Empathy. Developing a rapport with your interviewer is absolutely crucial, because in many cases, that person will be working with or near you in your future job. Here I reveal how to develop a fantastic relationship with your interviewer, which will put you right at the top of their favoured candidates list!
  5. Interest.  It’s not just answering questions correctly that impresses interviewers. You need to ask the right questions, too. In The Interview Success Formula, you will handed a variety of relevant questions that will impress even the most experienced of interviewers.

  6. Be natural. Every interviewee dreads getting a question they don’t know how to answer! But never fear, because I’m going to show you EXACTLY what to do in this situation that will not only help you avoid any embarrassment, but will also turn a potential negative into a positive.
  7. Negotiate. When you get offered the job, you’re in a very strong position. You’re the best candidate. They want you. And you can take advantage of that fact. I’ll show you how to negotiate your way to the best offer, and the highest salary possible!