A story of Personal Success by Ralf Titze

A story of a man. No, it is the story of a man and a woman. Maybe it is also the story of a family. No, it is not maybe the story of a family, but it is. Certainly, however, it is the story of a man and his youth in a city. In brick houses, built from the ruins of an old city that no longer exists. It is the story of people who were happy to live in these houses to protect themselves and to avert their own past.

To be a man is hell

So it is a whole new story from their point of view, but it is connected with the hope for the future and therefore it is also the story of this man. This man is meant to be a piece of this future through which one can rise up. Since everything else to lean on and rise up has been lost. So it is the story of a new beginning, that hides history and constructs a present and a future without a past.

It is the time of the short pithy sayings. Knuckle down, roll up your sleeves, rebuild …It is not the time to think big. This is how this man grows up. So it is the story of a man who does not have a feeling for the past and starts questioning everything. It is a time when this man and others around him search for proximity where there is none.

It is the story of many young men and women who do that. They sit in a circle in parks and pubs, an ancient sign of protection and solidarity. There is no front and back in the circle;  you’re protected from the outside and see yourself as apart of … what? It is the time when the summer was infinitely long and love was infinitely long and painful. But above all it was a time when a sound, music, was enough to feel warmth and proximity.

Lost in yourself

It is the time when this man wanted to ask all the questions in the world, although he already knew that no one would answer. It is the story ofthe stories that this man can only fathom in a paralysed state. It is his time and the time of other young men and women, who wish to travel abroad because they can not bear their home, but who are also not welcome abroad. It is the story of ideologies with which one tried to fill the emptiness of the non existent past.

But above all it is sunny and full ofmusic. It is the story of a time which is influenced by music and the desire to create an own past. It is the story of a break with the non existent past of his parents and the scraping open of truth under the suppurating scabs oflies. And it is the story of a young man who thought he was going to die when the young woman he loved left him, but it was still summer and he attended hisfirst open-air festival.

Patchouli and musk and everything smelled so completely different. So it is again the story between a man and a woman, but not only. It is the story of a country that wanted to make everything better and leave nothing as it once was. It is the time when the young man who comes from the family of a baker goes to university. In a country that has  a wonderful allegory for everything, but no analogy to the past. Therefore, it is also the story of the analogy for the non existente vents. But that is yet to come.

It is the story of the rise … it is not the story of the fall,which happened later. And the whole world was full of sound. It is the story of Bell Bottom Jeansand women with hip-length hair. It is the time of the goddesses, thought the man. It is the story of a mistake,namely, that the man could be free.
It was the mistake of romance. He thought it was the time to question this country aswell as many others. It is now the past that is being questioned and despised, including the elderly. Fritz the Cat.

It was the time to do everything differently, regardless of whether or not it was better. As a result, history was being made, but without history. Now it is the story of a man that hasn’t existed before. In homes with many men and women looking for proximity and who get desperate because of everydaylife. It is an angry time, even though it all started as a wish for more love. It is the story of a man who read the Frankfurt Scholars, Brecht and Siegfried Krakauer and woman reading Carlos Castaneda and Hermann Hesse.

Music makes you alive

The man takes off his parka and now wears a Cord Jacket. He listens to jazz and it feels good when you fall into the music. In between, there is a great love for a 12-year-older woman and  anignominious departure, as she wants to do it right. In between there is sweet smoke and Eberhard Weber, and oh yes, Bolero …It is the story of a young man who now begins to work. In a profession that has nothing to do with his studies, but a lot with his wish for success.

The young man changes the corduroy jacket for a tweedjacket and now wears corduroy pants instead of jeans. It is the time when you have no time, but waste it smiling. It is the story of a young man on his way to the ‘top’. It is the story of a country for which only “the sky is the limit” applies. No respite …Now history is really being made. It is the story of young men and women who move in this system and  others who assassinate the leaders of this system.

Everything flows, everything

It is the story of a young man who now smells like Grey Flannel or Vetiver so he does not have to smell the stench of his environment. It is the time of all night partying and speechlessness, all dressed up in either Laura Ashley or Bauhaus. It is a beautiful and inconsequential time. But you smile andfeel good. It is the story of a young man who changes the living community for a spacious apartment with double doors. It is not the story of a happy young man.
But at least it is something …

It is now the time in which he spends the nights in his apartment, following the lights of cars appearing on his ceiling as they sink into the ground. It is the story of a young man who begins to drink expensive spirits, earning more than the mayor of his city. It is the time, the empty time, which he is not able to fill. It is also the time of a woman who feels very much like him. They get to know each other and can’t get away from each other anymore. It is now the story of a man and a woman. Soon it is the story of a family.

Being a family man

It is the story of a man who takes responsibility for a young wife and children. It is no longer an empty time, but a time of first times. It is now time to think about a house and planting a tree, but the man is a bit hesitant, because it seems to be a little too stuffy to imitate his parents wishes. The story of this man is increasingly influenced by his business. The man begins to ponder.

He thinks about when the happiest time of his life was. He can no longer remember, not because he is forgetful, but because life doesn’t give him a satisfying answer. Ultimately there is no answer to it, other than –breathe. It is the story of a man who believes he has to go back and remember his principles. It is the time of the collapse.

The man can no longer join his principles and his work. It is the story of the disease of men in this country. It is the story of a man who just wants to get away. It’s the end of the search in a country that can not rename its principles becauseit has no memory. But it is not the end.

If you want to, please continue to dream this story. It is the story of an ordinary man, who is now trying to find an explanation for himself in order not to be completely invisible. It … is nothing more and nothing less than life.