Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed it will recruit 100 Higher Banking Apprentices this year. This is in addition to the 2,210 apprenticeship positions it has already created.


100 Higher Apprenticeships during 2015

Higher Apprenticeships offer some of the brightest students a viable alternative to university, allowing young people to earn while they learn on the job. The Group recognises that in adding a further 100 professional Higher Apprenticeship positions across a range of disciplines including Commercial and Wealth Relationship Management, IT, Change Management, Finance, Risk and Marketing, it will secure even more aspiring young professionals who have the ability to readily develop the key competences required to quickly move into a management position. This approach allows the Bank to further build a diverse workforce to better represent and serve its customers.

Trailblazer Apprenticeships – 15 positions

National Apprenticeship Week also sees the launch of the first Level 6 degree equivalent apprenticeship for Banking Relationship Managers under the Trailblazer initiative. Lloyds Banking Group is set to offer 15 such positions for those not wishing to attend university but pursue a career as a Relationship Manager in Commercial Banking and Wealth Management. Lloyds Banking Group is a leading member of the financial services Trailblazer Group, allowing it to help shape the professional standards in key frameworks, making apprenticeships simpler and of a higher quality.

Degree Apprenticeships

Through the IT degree apprenticeship programme, Lloyds Banking Group will allow young people to complete a full honours degree alongside their employment. These apprentices will pay no student fees and earn a salary throughout their apprenticeship. The programme will be launched fully later this year.

Skills Minister, Nick Boles said: “Apprenticeships make absolute business sense while providing life changing opportunities for young people across the country. I am therefore delighted that Lloyds is to create 100 new Higher Apprenticeships this year. I would urge employers of all sizes to follow Lloyds lead and to consider how they can make apprenticeships part of their growth strategy.”



Apprentices joining the Group are offered:

·        A permanent role

·        Full pay and benefits equivalent to other new joiners

·        Apprentices become part of a supported community – created especially to guide them through their apprenticeship which includes an on-line hub hosting a forum and news channelhttp://www.lloydsbankinggroupapprentices.com