Interview by Deike Ricardo with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rec. Nat. habil. Pol. Blog. Dem. Gas. Ilu. A. Shopenhaua

Germans – how do they function? Prof. Shopenhaua is one of the authors of the book: “Elija su propia aventura en Berlín.”  With a good sense of humor and sarcasm he describes the life of a Spaniard in Berlin.

What was the idea to write a book like “Elija su propia aventura en Berlín”.

The basic idea was to explain the truth about emigration while having some fun and getting to know better and better each other.

Could you describe how Spaniards feel in Berlin – and how they maintain their spanish way of life?

There are so many Spaniards in Berlin that it is very difficult to tell you how we feel as a group. I imagine we feel good because we are always screaming around, being noisy and dancing around there.
The spanish way of life is impossible in Berlin, here the people look so desperate to show their hapiness when it´s sunny out there that I almost throw up when I see it. The spanish way of life is only possible in summer in Berlin but then it is so much concurence that we almost fade out.

What do you like about the Germans – what is the most incredible thing that happend to you here?

Germans are machines. The most incredible thing about germans is when they discover how to deactivate the automatic pilot and then a miracle happens when they invite you to a Bier (klein aber.)

If Spain would be far away – on another continent – and you have to make a decision – where to live the next 10 years – what would be the better place?

If Spain is so far away than I need to go to Birminghan or Glasgow to have fun at the pub fighting with new guys every night. Spain, best place in the world, for spaniards and for everyone, why thenit is so full of older people from northern Europe?

What do you think about intercultural understanding, expanding horizons etc.?

I think it is the best thing ever, however I think the integration of people is much easier in Spain than in northern countries.

What do wish for Spain and for Europe in a near future?

I wished that the religion will be forbidden for people under 18.

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