There are everytime more women, not just in companies, but also in Science, but the process is slowly. The report Women’s careers in science and universities, and glass ceilings encounteredbrought forward by the Committee in Women’s Rights includes an analysis of the current situation of women in science, where they are still underrepresented and face direct or indirect discriminations.

Especially in subjects like Economics, maths or Chemistry women are still less represented in the teaching corpus. The current data indicates the existing of a glass ceiling, which means that existing invisible barriers, which are mainly based on prejudices, that limit women to develop their career paths towards higher positions. The European Students’ Union welcomes the detailed analysis and even more the concrete measures tailored to empower women in science and to overcome the inequality in institutions. These tackle between others the unequal access to the professions and to funding, the gender pay gap and the maternity and parenting leave.
As professions are still stereotyped to be ‘female’ or ‘male’ the number of women engaging in natural science careers is significantly lower than in of example social science. But even in the fields that are supposed to be more female, the percentage of women in leading position is lower than their male colleagues. This leads to a lack of ambitions and confidence among young female talent.