By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Although there is a lot of incertainty about the legal situation in the renewable sector in Spain and still the construction business is suffering the “after bubble situation”, there is still a huge market for energy efficiency tools. There is no place for architects or more construction companies, but there is still a big business to run for restoring and improving existing buildings with regard to the rising energy prices and to give consultancy on energy efficient building.

Germans start to understand the business that is waiting for them. Kömmerling windows are already since a long time No1 in the Spanish energy efficient market. Ipeg, a German Institute for Energy efficiency based in Lüdinghausen, wants now to enter the market with a “medical check” up for buildings that are not optimized energetic wise. They are looking for people to execute their knowledge on installation and isolation. Planet-Bpm interviewed Paul Steinbach, running the Ipeg, who wants to introduce a completely new profession in Spain: the “house doctor”.

PLANET: Why do you think Spaniards need a German “house doctor“?

STEINBACH: I think they probably do not need us, but we are more experienced in Germany with energy costs, because water, electricity and oil was always an expensive good and I am sure that we can contribute to an improvement of modernity of the many buildings that cannot be sold or rented right now in Spain.

PLANET: And what does it mean really to be a “house doctor”, who will be the professional to execute this “check up“?

STEINBACH: In a first phase we just want to use our own professionals analyzing all the energy uses, materials and building structure and giving “recipes” how to treat the “patient”. We have to consider the very different climate zones and building requirements in developing a modernization plan. That means there are no generalized solutions. It has to be done individually there for we need many persons. To implement afterwards our “recipes” we have to look for the right craftsmen. But that would be the second phase.

PLANET: Kömmerling and other German brands are already known here in Spain and they are used in the new buildings. How you want to make the difference?

STEINBACH: We will do our work independently of brands. The building company or house owner has to decide which brand he wants to use. Our goal is always to reduce the energy costs for the owners.

PLANET: Did the Spaniards not learn from their mistakes and are the new buildings not completely energy efficient?

STEINBACH: No, it is “same procedure than every year.” The standards are still the same. The use of air conditioning for instance is still first choice to cool down the temperature in offices or houses, but with the right isolation this would not be necessary and in wintertime the heating costos would be much lower.