by Antti Kapanen

“Employability Skills” become more and more important for young academics, especially if they are not European and want to work in very mature markets like the German labour market. The Berlin based technical University HTW teaches international graduates how to do it.

HTW University of Applied Sciences launched the online course “Employability Skills”, offering practical help to foreigners, in alliance as well with, a platform for talents outside of Europe to enter the European labour market. This is especially directed at people who want to enter the German labour market

Why the German labour market?

    1. Germany has become a destination for lots of job-seekers from Europe and beyond in the past years because of its interesting companies, growing economy and global feature.
    1. The number of international students at German universities has reached 300.000 and the graduate labour market is rapidly internationalising. You will not be alone in Germany!
    1. German is export champion in Europe and world wide. However, surveys indicate that two-thirds of interested international graduates struggle in finding full-time employment. One of the reasons: Many qualified people don’t know well enough how the German labour market.

The six-week online course will treat a broad variety of topics and put a strong focus on practical exercises. Participants will learn to:

  1. Develop sound career identities and strategies
  2. Carry out effective job application processes
  3. Understand and analyse German workplaces
  4. Understand the psychological factors underlying employability

The enrolment page including a full syllabus and an introductory video can be found here:

The course is offered on the Berlin-based online learning platform The enrolment is free of charge and the number of participants unlimited. Participants who successfully complete the course can participate a personal evaluation and document their achievements with a certificate that costs €99.

About HTW
With a student body of more than 13,000, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. With around 70 Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Engineering, Economics, Information Technology, Culture and Design the study programme offers a wide range. The compact studies of applied sciences leads towards professional practice. Degree courses can be supplemented by instruction in foreign languages and key skills. University rankings have consistently established us as one of the leading providers of a modern and professional education.

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