By Stefanie Claudia Müller, Madrid

Since the new leftwing local government was formed in Madrid the city is experimenting positive changes for entrepreneurs and young professionals. First of all the citizens can participate better in decision making processes and control the use of their taxes. The budget and its revenues and spendings will be published in realtime. Besides, an independent auditing company is checking right now all the contracts the city has ongoing and where money can be saved by changing providers or conditions. All the ongoing processes in this respect can be followed on the webpage of the city. Modern Madrid is very much on its way. 

On the other hand more Wifi free zones and co-working spaces are established. This year the Spanish capital will offer more than 200 free Internet zones for tourist, professionals, students and whoever needs to go online among the places are public libraries and cultural centres.

The mayor Manuela Carmena also promised to open more spaces for young entrepreneurs and co-working. Since the unemployment amongst the young is the highest in Europe, she also just started a programme to offer 60 unemployed with any education a professional training that helps to reintegrate them in the labour market.

Besides the Minister of Transport announced to launch “Campus Ineco”, as scholarship programme for talents from Latinamerika. It will be organized and financed by the Public engineering company Ineco. As soon as we know more, we will publish it here.

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Last but not least, Madrid was one of the first cities in Spain to offer buildings and services to refugees. The up to now rather conservative and traditional capital wants to become a “welcome city“.

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