Compared to many other developed countries, Germany offers excellent employment and career opportunities. The German industries are constantly on the lookout for engineering and IT graduates, but for several years, there have been few unemployed business professionals, as well. More and more professionals are attracted to developing a career in Berlin due to the cheap rents, availability of jobs and cultural offer. 

For engineers and technical managers, career opportunities have hardly ever been better. According to the latest numbers, 63,000 engineering positions are open across the federal republic, with less than 30.000 engineers available on the job market (source: VDI). The number of unfilled engineering jobs is expected to grow to over 200,000 within the next 10 years.

Therefore, companies are increasingly looking to employ professionals from abroad – strengthening the role of English as the workplace language as they go. The German lawmakers have made the process simpler, too. International applicants are formally even with the natives, and graduates from German universities receive an 18-month job seeking visa which can be easily converted into a work permit. High salaries, and good working and living conditions attract many international graduates from German universities to stay in Germany to work.

The HTW Berlin has had much success in educating interdisciplinary “business engineers” for the national and international job markets. Whereas traditional engineering skills in areas such as mechanical, electrical or automation engineering are always in demand as specialists, business engineers very successfully bridge the gap between the technical and business administration domains. On this foundation, the HTW established the international degree programme MBA&E, in its current form, in 2007.

The MBA&E provides technical professionals with management skills, enabling them to embark onto a technical management career. Our core target audience are students with industrial experience from all over the world. While a typical MBA&E graduate would enter an area such as project, product or supply chain management at a multinational company, there are numerous career paths available: our alumni are found in producing industries, services businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and even in public service. The modular design of the programme makes possible diverse career paths: The MBA&E offers a clear structure consisting of a technology study module (4 courses), a business study module (4 courses) and a specialisation option (4 courses). The currently offered specialisation options are Interdisciplinary Management (IM – professionals for interdisciplinary technical projects), Automotive Management (AM – professionals for the global automotive industry), and Lean Management (LM – professionals for developing efficient process environments across sectors).

At the MBA&E, we consider support services and labour market knowledge an important addition to the studies. During the course of the study, we offer to our students a programme of excursions and extracurricular offerings. Our programme office, located next to the main teaching spaces, is available for personal counselling when needed.

For further information, please visit our website at or contact our programme office at your convenience.

Master of Business Administration and Engineering
Mr Antti Kapanen, Programme Manager
Ostendstrasse 1
Office PBH-1110
D-12459 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 5019 2411

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