MERCOSUR: more opportunities for the EU

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by Mariia Chaplia

EU-Mercosur agreement will significantly boost trade between the EU and the Mercosur bloc. By giving the Mercosur bloc a preferential access to the European food market, the deal would allow European consumers to enjoy a greater choice of beef, poultry, sugar, and honey at a lower price. The EU-Mercosur FTA is undoubtedly a big win for consumer choice.

EUROPE: climate change splits up

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A report aftermath of the European Parliament election, finds that almost half (44%) of Spanish voters think their country’s political system is “broken”. Support for the EU, however, remains strong – with parties, and voters, agreed on the need for pan-European engagement on to key issues, such as climate, the economy, and international security.

BASQUE COUNTRY: headhunting data talents

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The Basque Country has one of the highest life satisfaction rates in Europe, as confirmed by the latest OECD Well-Being Indicator. It also scored highly on the 2013 OECD Human Development Index and has the third highest per capita income and productivity rate in the EU. A new Headhunting Support Centre will provide Basque Country-based organisations access to latest sectoral trends and real-time market data, so they can effectively headhunt skilled professionals across the globe. An online tool will compliment Bizkaia Talent’s other talent-mapping efforts, relocation services and recruitment events – and provide access to a network of 12,500 skilled professionals from more than 100 countries.

EU: Bologna Process has to be reset

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The crisis of academic freedom in Europe emerged as the main theme at the recent Bologna Process Beyond 2020: Fundamental values of the EHEA conference in Bologna. More than 200 university rectors and 800 other stakeholders participated. The aim of the conference was partly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bologna Declaration and partly to feed into the next European Higher Education Area or EHEA ministerial conference on the future of the Bologna Process that will take place in Rome next year.

EUROPE: the expansion of drugs

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Becoming obsessive with things is always a bad sign. Drug abuse is not just linked to alchol, cocaine or cannabis. There is also an increasing abuse of digital devices, sport or even sex. We talk to Hans R. Hoffmann how to overcome these problems. The therapist treats people suffering adictions of all kind on the small island of Gozo situated close to Malta