Top 10 Countries for Teachers

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With the average salary for French teachers standing at €23,544 and UK teachers at €38,279,  Switzerland has been found to pay their teachers, on average, an impressive €50,466 more than France and €35,731 more than the United Kingdom – a difference of 103% and 63% respectively. With magnificent natural scenery, a strong work-life balance and high salaries for teachers, Switzerland may be an alluring choice for teachers looking to make the move abroad.

The second highest paying European country is Luxembourg, who has been found to pay its teachers, on average, €62,600 per year. At an impressive €44,876 extra a year in comparison to Italy – the teachers of Liechtenstein are earning a hefty 112% more than Italian teachers. With the average annual salary for teachers in Spain standing at €15,060, teachers in Luxembourg earn a hefty €47,540 more than their Spanish counterparts – a difference of 122%.

Vets on TicToc earning money

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In recent years, vets have taken to TikTok to share their insightful knowledge and advice with both experienced and first-time pet owners. But how much could some of our trustedTikTok vetsearn from their videos? Interested in earning potential, compiled a list of popular vets on TikTok and used to find out their potential earnings per video.

Recycling will create many jobs

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With pollution and climate change posing a major hazard to our health and the environment, innovation will play a crucial role in the search for solutions. While plastics are essential to the economy, plastic pollution is threatening ecosystems all over the planet. Over 50 million tonnes of plastics were produced last year alone, whilst at the same time up to 25 million tonnes of plastic waste went into landfill and up to 23 million tonnes of waste could have gone into rivers, lakes and oceans. 

The mega rich are using legal loopholes

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The Pandora Papers leak reveals, once again, that to avoid taxes and the corrupt are transferring money out of poorer countries into more developed ones without proper controls. Much of this is preventable: we know what needs to be done to track illicit financial flows, to recover stolen assets, and to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of tax. One such instrument is open company registers. But to ensure that everyone is fiscally equally we first need politicans which are transparent themselves and which are not driven by ego but by state sense.

Will Merkel be replaced by Annalena?

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A few weeks ahead of the Bundestag election on 26 September, Germans are still struggling to imagine their country without Chancellor Angela Merkel. This may be to do with the profiles of the candidates or the low quality of the electoral campaign. But the personality of Merkel seems to provide an even better explanation for Germans’ wariness about seeing someone else in the chancellor’s seat. Merkel was a perfect symbol of the German Zeitgeist at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Her policy style and decisions have reflected the significant changes happening in German society and politics in the last 16 years, as well as an overwhelming desire to maintain the status quo for as long as possible by avoiding revolutionary shifts. No wonder Germans will miss her.

Navarra offers the best of Spain

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written and experienced by Dr. Stefanie Claudia Müller

Ernest Hemingway was the complete opposite of an exemplary person or a gentleman. He was a drinker and womanizer, but he also was in love with Spain. About to turn 62 the Nobel Prize in Literature committed suicide on July 2, 1961, one step away from leaving again for Pamplona to celebrate Sanfermines, for the tenth time in his life. The grumpy American writer loved bullfighting and Spanish food, the vibrating cultural scene at that time and the good drinks.

The relaxed Spaniards have fit very well to his idea of having fun, but could not refrain in the end his troubled soul and mind from killing himself. His appreciation for the closeness and joy of the Spaniards when he first arrived in 1923, Hemingway transmitted three years later in “The sun also rises” (Fiesta). It was a “bestseller” and the beginning of a mass tourism for Navarra, at least from 6th to the 14th of July when the Sanfermines are celebrated and hundreds of Americans run with the bulls, or at  least try it.