A libra is a good choice

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Earning the status of a billionaire is not something many people can do and even less really want it. Becoming part of the elite does not come easy, it requires dedication, brains and some would even say manifestation of that reality. And then it is also not easy, because you realize it makes you not happier, most of the time it goes with hard compromises, rough decisions, inhuman attitude and aggressive behavior. The experts at RantCasino.com were curious to see if there is any correlation between your zodiac sign and wealth. To find that out, they studied the CEO World’s list of the top 500 billionaires in the world, found their date of birth and zodiac signs.

Just be yourself and let it be

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Intolerance is still out there”, absolutely true. The Moroccan king, just to give one cruel example, is gay himself but locks up and discriminates against homosexuals in his country. As long as we don’t accept ourselves, as long as we don’t like how we are, we will not be able to be really tolerant with others, not just with words, but with facts. Not, because someone says he is not racist, he is a good person. We should listen more to facts and acts than just believe in words, opinions and empty phrases. Be yourself and let others be themselves, too. Show with your daily attitude that you are tolerant and open-minded. Don’t tell your kids to treat people equally, show it to them, be an example – the best education there is.

#Intolerance is still out there”, is a short film about the riots that happened in New York’s Stonewall Inn in June 1969. This uprising consisted of a series of spontaneous demonstrations and riots in protest of a police raid. These events are remembered as the first time ever that the LGBTI+ community rose up against a system that persecuted people because of their sexual orientation with the consent of the government.

That night is widely recognized as the catalyst of the LGBTI+ rights movement in the USA and the rest of the world. With impeccable cinematography and creativity, this film also tells the story of Julio Zuniga, a Mexican gay rights activist, and footballer in the LGBTI+ league. Zuniga was never in the Stonewall riots or even present in the filming of “Intolerance is still out there”, he was murdered in Mexico in 2017, the victim of a hate crime because of his sexuality. But thanks to the innovative technology of face replacement and 3D in this film “he returns to life” to remind us all that, unfortunately, 50 years later, intolerance still exists.

”The Stonewall riots led to the start of modern LGBTI+ liberation, vital for social change. Unfortunately, there are still heroes like Julio Zuñiga who have paid for the right to love with their lives” adds Miguel Ángel Fernández, director of the Pedro Zerolo Foundation, an activist and sexual tolerance campaigner. “79 countries around the world continue to imprison and persecute people because of their sexual orientation and 41% of the LGBTI+ population have suffered an attack in the last year according to the EU Agency for Basic Rights.”

In 2019, “Racism is still there” was the first content launched on the platform. That time the film starred Jesse Owens, one of the 18 Afro-American athletes who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. The film showed his experiences on his journey to the famous Olympic stadium, showing the racial discrimination that existed at that time and which sadly still happens in sport today.

Germans need 13 weeks to earn what Musk does in 5 minutes

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The biggest CEOs worldwide earn astronomical sums of money each year. People often question if these titans of industry merit the salary they receive – some feel it is deserved given the huge responsibility on their shoulders whilst others simply consider them ‘greedy fat cats’. Interested in CEOs earnings, Gigacalculator.com identified the 10 highest paid CEOs in the world and then utilised their salary to hourly calculator to work out how long it would take Germans to make what each CEO does in five minutes.

American CEO’s are the richest in the world

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In Spain you earn “poco”, they do not appreciate talent and always try to make you work more for less. Different in the US, where many things are going wrong, but talents and working spirit pays off. It is not a society of friends and families but of effort. It would take Spanish workers 24 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours to make what Elon Musk does in five working minutes (€12,854).

In second place is Tim Cook (current Apple CEO)! It would take Spanish workers 5 weeks, 2 days and 3 hours to earn what he does in five minutes (€2,888). Interestingly, Spanish workers would have to spend 3 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours to accumulate the same five-minute income as Sundar Pichai (€1,861), head of Alphabet Inc. (Google). 78% of Spanish workers feel that it is ‘unjustified’ for major CEOs to be paid millions each year. 73% of Spanish workers don’t understand what major CEOs do on a day-to-day basis to merit being paid millions each year.

Lucky in love… in Slovakia

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Swedes are the unluckiest in love, garnering the highest unluckiness score across Europe Slovakia is the luckiest nation when it comes to finding love! ManySpins.com can reveal that Slovakians are in with the best chance of finding a lover. With a divorce rate of just 1.8, 22% of single person households and a mere 21,000 monthly searches to try to find love, the country scores 12 out of 75 for unluckiness – singletons and married couples must be doing something right! 72% of Europeans say refusal to compromise is the biggest difficulty with finding a partner. The UK has the highest divorce rate in Europe (8.4 per 1,000 people), with Latvia second highest (3.1). Sweden has the highest proportion of single person households (51%), with Denmark close behind (45%).

A right mind is demanded in the cyberworld

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Specops Software analysed 843 cyber security job listings on Indeed to identify the most desired skills for cyber security roles in the current job market. Specops Software found that having a technical aptitude and mindset is the most coveted skill for cyber security roles with an astonishing 99% of job listings (831/843) looking for this necessary skill. In second position, employers appreciate a cyber security applicant who can take responsibility for their actions, decisions and work with 663 out of 843 listings searching for a candidate that fits the bill (79%). Good written communication (51%) is in third place as 427 of the listed positions analysed, value this is an employee.

Specops Software found that Python (12%) is the most in-demand programming language for cyber security roles. C++ (9%) and C (6%) respectively rank second and third. Contrastingly, PHP (3%), JavaScript (3%), Ruby (3%) and Java (3%) are the programming languages employers are less interested in for cyber security roles. Specops Software found that ‘Information System Security Professional (CISSP)’ is the most desired professional certification for cyber security positions with 33% of listings looking for this credential (279/843).