LANGUAGE: Bilingualism is tolerance

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By understanding the effects being bilingual has on the brain, we can begin to see the enormous benefits speaking more than one language has on the human soul. Not only does it better connect us to the world and people around us, but multiple languages help us connect to ourselves. We become more tolerant by living in two different cultures and worlds. We also have more words and ways to express ourselves. Bilingualism is tolerance

WOMEN IN SCIENCE: they are coming… but slowly!

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There are everytime more women, not just in companies, but also in Science, but the process is slowly. The report Women’s careers in science and universities, and glass ceilings encounteredbrought forward by the Committee in Women’s Rights includes an analysis of the current situation of women in science, where they are still underrepresented and face direct or indirect discriminations.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Spain is the place to be

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By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Although there is a lot of incertainty about the legal situation in the renewable sector in Spain and still the construction business is suffering the “after bubble situation”, there is still a huge market for energy efficiency tools. There is no place for architects or more construction companies, but there is still a big business to run for restoring and improving existing buildings with regard to the rising energy prices and to give consultancy on energy efficient building.

GASTRONOMY: Food Markets & Food Trucks

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The Food sector is becoming the most stable in crisis time. Food trucks and Food markets are popping up everywhere around Europe from Cologne to Madrid. In the Spanish the Madreat Festival once a month has grown from around 15 vintage trucks selling food to about 70. A business of used trucks converted into driving vintage restaurants has become a big business and has created a couple of thousand jobs in the big cities.