LONDON: Labour market, traditions, Lifestyle & habits

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London is one of the finest cities in the world. As the capital of the United Kingdom, it is a dynamic multicultural playground that engages students on all levels – academically, socially and professionally. Students from all corners of the globe, from all pathways converge here to enjoy a truly fulfilling experience which can only add finesse to their individual growth and prosperity. 

TOLEDO: one of the must-sees in Spain

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Toledo is like a museum, historic place, but still an important economic region, close to the Spanish capital. If you visit Madrid for more than a few days, you have an awesome opportunity for a day trip to one of the most historical cities not only in Spain but also in Europe. Toledo is the city of El Greco, Spanish kings, Muslims and Jews. When you study or work in Madrid, this is the place to go for the weekend and forget everything that is stressing about the capital. 

WARSAW: The Old Town

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Warsaw is not the grey and poluted city that many people believe. It is currently a student town with many different areas and influences. Though there have been several earlier settlements where Warsaw stands today we reckon the foundation of the town to date back to around 1300 AD. The town was founded by the Duke of Mazowia,and it’s location close to the river and on main trade routes was attractive to merchants. Through the centuries Warsaw has been devastated by fires, Swedes, Germans and Russians, but each time it has been rebuilt, the last time after WWII where the Old Town was reduced to a rubble. 

GERMANY: Studying Medicine

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Admission to medical universities in Germany is competitive and restrictive. Medical education in Germany is free and the main admission requirements are high school diploma and German language skills. Only Master in medical studies are available in English language.

LONDON: Choral Scholarships

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Choral scholarships at Royal Holloway are funded by Banco Santander. Scholarships are normally held for three years and the maximum award has recently been raised to £700 per annum (choral). Singing lessons are provided where there is not already provision from within the degree programme. Scholars are also given preferential treatment for accommodation.