EDUCATION: Demystifying Learning

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By Coach Susana Lindblom

I have repeatedly heard people comment that “this person is too old to change his/her behaviour” or “it is impossible to change certain behaviours”. And, repeatedly, I have seen that this is not true: Transformational change, change that last in time, is accesible for everyone, no matter who you are. The problem is what people normally percieve learning to be and the misconception around how human beings actually learn.

STUDENTS: They expect better jobs than they’ll get

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Students have an unrealistic expectation of their job prospects on graduating, a British survey has found. The Student Employability Index, which questioned 4,000 students at 20 universities, finds amost three-quarters (79%) expect to be in a graduate-level job within six months. But government figures show that only only around half (53%) of those who graduated within the past five years are in such jobs.

AUSTRIA: For non EU-nationals it is difficuilt to find work

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Austria is different. Austrians speak German, but they are very different from their neighbours. It is a small but very strong country, in sports, economic wise and also in tourism.  EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are entitled to work in Austria without a work permit, but must register with the local authority on their arrival in the country.  All other foreign nationals must obtain a work permit before being allowed to take up employment in Austria.