TRANSLATORS: In Italy they are the worst paid

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By Silvia Mingarelli, Madrid/Perugia

Translating is a profession that changes due to the globalization of markets, however undervalued. This is a portrait of the industry out of a survey commissioned by the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters. These are hard times for translators and interpreters. Specializations and markets demand changes, skills evolve, but above all a point doesn’t change: it is a profession which is highly qualified and yet poorly paid. A survey commissioned by the Aiti (, the national industry association, for which  work 800 professionals of the Italian language in Italy and abroad, corroborates this.

SCHOLARSHIPS: How to survive in Paris as a student

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The French capital is very expensive. Who wants to move to Paris, needs a lot of money, at least €750 per month if you are to enjoy reasonable living conditions. Therefore you need to seek sources of finance. You should begin looking for a scholarship well in advance (at least a year before coming to France). Scholarship amounts depend on your level of studies. Postgraduate students, engineers and researchers receive larger scholarships. Certain international institutions, non-governmental organisations and companies award scholarships to foreign students.

FRANCE: What you have to know about job application

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by Silvia Mingarelli, Madrid

When applying in France there are a few differences to remark: while German employers want to see a full application with certificates, French companies usually only look at one letter, the lettre de motivation, and at a brief Curriculum Vitae, or simply “CV”. This does not mean that diplomas and qualifications have less value. This becomes clear in the French job advertisements: here the candidate recognizes through information such as Bac +2, +3 or +4 which university qualification is holding. If an employer demands a “Bac + 2” or a “Bac + 3” corresponds to an Undergraduate Diploma or Bachelor. Furthermore, Diplomas should not be translated into other languages. This could lead to confusion. Surely it works if you add an explation to it instead.

Social integrity is demanded

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In 2009 with a group of international people, we created, a site to promote the European idea and spirit, with the slogan  “it is nice to be different”. We were mostly Germans, therefore we were especially thankful for everything that Europe offered us, from freedom to choose where to live and work without boundaries to ever-increasing cultural exchange between the European countries and its people, so different in so many things, not just with regard to the language. Now facing a deep crisis in many senses we believe that social integrity is more needed than ever. 

DESIGN: Vienna celebrates “Design Week”

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The Vienna Design Week turns the whole of Vienna into a showroom for design. In cooperation with the Vienna Museums, manufacturing enterprises, designers from around the world and this year’s host country, Poland , the festival will present very different approaches to the subject in over 100 events, exhibitions, installations, talks and discussions and it will offer ample opportunity for celebration.