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Student jobs are in some European countries like Spain very rare, in the UK not. Also in Germany you can always find side jobs as a waiter or in a warehouse. When you study near to the coast or in a touristic area, you normally can easy find a summer job. Shops, restaurants and bars begin searching for seasonal staff as early as March. You may not have finished uni quite yet but distributing your CV (as long as it clearly notes your availability) before sixth form leavers can give you a massive advantage. Guy Townsin, careers manager at Portsmouth University says: “Advertised seasonal jobs will be few and far between, so use your networks to seek out unadvertised opportunities and use your university careers service to help tailor a CV for seasonal work.”

EDUCATION: Demystifying Learning

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By Coach Susana Lindblom

I have repeatedly heard people comment that “this person is too old to change his/her behaviour” or “it is impossible to change certain behaviours”. And, repeatedly, I have seen that this is not true: Transformational change, change that last in time, is accesible for everyone, no matter who you are. The problem is what people normally percieve learning to be and the misconception around how human beings actually learn.

STUDENTS: They expect better jobs than they’ll get

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Students have an unrealistic expectation of their job prospects on graduating, a British survey has found. The Student Employability Index, which questioned 4,000 students at 20 universities, finds amost three-quarters (79%) expect to be in a graduate-level job within six months. But government figures show that only only around half (53%) of those who graduated within the past five years are in such jobs.