LONDON: Choral Scholarships

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Choral scholarships at Royal Holloway are funded by Banco Santander. Scholarships are normally held for three years and the maximum award has recently been raised to £700 per annum (choral). Singing lessons are provided where there is not already provision from within the degree programme. Scholars are also given preferential treatment for accommodation.

LONDON: Lloyds Scholars launches MBA scholarships for women

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With women currently making up just 19% of FTSE 100 board directors compared to a Government target of 25% by 2015 , Lloyds Banking Group continues to take steps to help more talented women to gain executive experience through career progression and enhanced management education. Research  shows that there is an under-representation of women pursuing post-graduate management education and that a core barrier to participation is the financial resource barrier.

EUROPE: Clean cities and dirty towns

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Do you want to visit Europe? Are you very neat? Do you not want to stay in a dirty hotel or walk through dirty cities? Clean cities are seriously in demand nowadays. Take a look at the ranking set up by that gives you an idea about the “clean spirit” of cities like London or Oslo. Europe at a glance…