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Study abroad during university, and more importantly study abroad with the goal of improving one’s ability with a foreign language by spending a prolonged period of time in another country has been changing over the past years. There is a rising demand of intercultural competence. Within Europe the Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements Program provides this opportunity and an increasing number of US universities also facilitate internship programs abroad. The increase in numbers of students interested in this type of study abroad is directly related to the need to acquire professional experience that will make them more employable.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Robert-Bosch- Academy

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de Stefanie Claudia Müller

Germany is reknown for its profund education system The Robert Bosch Academy is a core center for interdisciplinary, multilateral dialog, and solutions-oriented cooperation on the global challenges of the 21st century. It offers a variety of scholarships for international students.


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Student jobs are in some European countries like Spain very rare, in the UK not. Also in Germany you can always find side jobs as a waiter or in a warehouse. When you study near to the coast or in a touristic area, you normally can easy find a summer job. Shops, restaurants and bars begin searching for seasonal staff as early as March. You may not have finished uni quite yet but distributing your CV (as long as it clearly notes your availability) before sixth form leavers can give you a massive advantage. Guy Townsin, careers manager at Portsmouth University says: “Advertised seasonal jobs will be few and far between, so use your networks to seek out unadvertised opportunities and use your university careers service to help tailor a CV for seasonal work.”