COMMUNICATION: Language Expert Terry McLean tells us how to communicate better

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Terry Mclean is a clear exponent of present times, a professional who understands what cultural awareness implies in every way. English-born, he is fluent in seven more European languages and wisely polarizes his professional skills. He is a communication expert that is especially focused on intercultural differences. A continuous, inexhaustible development of his actual and potential capabilities – in a few words, his main assets – has made Terry a master of reinvention. He can now pride on a rich, multifaceted career, and tell us about his world-wide experience. We have had the pleasure to speak with him about it.

SPAIN: Interviewing journalist Fernando Delgado about being a writer

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With the release of his last book La verdad también se inventa, a coral novel featured by a group of perturbed minds participating in a radio program, Planet-BPM interviewed the Spanish Journalist and author Fernando Delgado, and talked about many different aspects of culture, literature and media in both Spain, as compared to European average.

PARIS: The Best Dance Clubs

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The Paris club scene features no shortage of places where you can showcase your dance moves. These hotspots move to their own beats, and the sounds of house, Top 40, disco, hip-hop, funk, and Latin rule the night. From red-carpet clubs to joints where everybody can enjoy great dancing in Paris, these places are tops:

SPAIN: You need a lot of patience in many restaurants

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Saturday evening in Madrid. I was thrilled.  At long last and after several fruitless attempts I had managed to get a table at a much praised restaurant in a trendy part of town. The elaborate menu promised an unforgetable experience… Two hours later I left the restaurant having eaten some fabulous food, but with no intention of recommending the place. What went wrong? Well, pretty much everything except for the food.