COMMUNICATION: European way of speaking – Susana Lindblom

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Why do I listen when some people speak and not others? How many times did I come out of a meeting without achieving what I wanted? To be able to design a conversation is fundamental learning for anyone looking to generate the results and actions that he or she wants. When we start to think of language and the act of speaking as a generator of the results that are important to us, we can draw the conclusion that conversations are critical for the development and the success of an organisation, as well as for the self-employed.

RENEWABLES IN EUROPE: Hasselmann Method for a cleaner economy

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“Building a new, cleaner economy is an absolute necessity, so the sooner we get started, the better.” These warning words were pronounced by physicist and mathematician Klaus Hasselmann: “It is important that government action to overcome the present economic crisis looks to the technologies of the future, particularly renewable energy technologies”, Hasselmann urges.  “So after the recovery, we are set on a new development path with lower atmospheric emissions of CO2, and not back on the old heavy emissions path. That way we can use the crisis to mitigate climate change.”

BERLIN: Manfreda knitwear – being a designer in Germany

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Martina Manfreda Mortimer was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, now she is one of the young designer talents in Berlin. She graduated in textile design at the University of Ljubljana and pursued a Masters Degree in fashion/textile at B.I.A.D. University of Central England in Birmingham with a scholarship from the British Council. Among others, she did her work placement with Vivienne Westwood and Julian MacDonald before setting up her own label – Manfreda knitwear. Her designs show that knitwear is far from being old fashioned. She likes colourful accoutrement and the combination of different materials.

EUROPE: List of the best think tanks

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Top 20 Think Tanks

1. Chatham House (CH), Royal Institute of International Affairs – United Kingdom
2. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) – Sweden
3. Amnesty International – United Kingdom
4. International Crisis Group (ICG) – Belgium
5. Transparency International – Germany

SPAIN: The culture of lying

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by Hillmann Hollister and Stefanie Claudia Müller

The Hispanic world nurtures a certain hypocritical culture, a mix of educated discretion and a lack of validity. In the work force in Spain and Latin America it is difficult to tell if someone is saying “no” or if they’re saying “I can’t”. One will always find an indirect manner to say no. Lying is ugly, but the absence of the truth is healthy and convenient for many Hispanics. And even though it pains us to realize it, we have to lie or hide the truth so that we don’t hurt people and so that they respect us as well, because this is another: If I say it they will say it back to me situation. For this reason, it’s necessary to be polite sometimes. This is the “made in Spain” form of lying.