Best British employers post Brexit

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Apple has been rated the best tech sector company to work for in Britain, according to data released by Indeed. The global tech giant landed the top spot in Indeed’s top-rated tech employers category, which launched for the first time this year and is based on hundreds of thousands of reviews by employees past and present. 

EU is battling different work-related issues.

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Eurostat’s latest employment statistics study the employment rate for EU members 20 to 64 years old has reached record high numbers. According to this study, 73.1% of people in the EU have jobs. The increase in employment is a great positive thing for Europe especially after the 2010 economic crisis which left thousands of people unemployed and some even homeless

Brits go basque?

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With the status of the UK’s relationship with the European Union (EU) beyond 31 October 2019 – i.e. the UK’s latest formal leave date – still unclear, Bizkaia Talent will be using this meeting to pitch the Basque Country as an alternative, and attractive, destination for skilled professionals, business owners, and investors.

The Portuguese love Europe

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The Portuguese people believe that their country’s fate is inextricably tied to that of the European Union. An ECFR survey carried out ahead of the Portuguese national election suggests that the Portuguese bounced back quickly from a surge in Euroscepticism linked to the strict conditions of Portugal’s 2011 bailout package. Currently Portugal values the economic benefits of EU membership primarily, but its people believe in the EU as more than just an economic project.

Be a good driver and earn money with it

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Smarthpones are the principle cause of car accidents. Therefore interviews Harald Trautsch CEO of Dolphin Technologies in Austria. They developed a way to drive properly without watching your phone and gaining money with it, via an app of course. But the good thing it you do not have to look at it while driving, just drive and then stop and look what you have gained.