GERMANY: Why studying in Germany?

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“According to statistics, Germany as a host country for exchange students is usually ranked third or fourth worldwide”, says Dr. Christian Thimme (DAAD). Thimme is the Head of the group “Internationalisation of Universities” at DAAD. Currently there are about 185,000 exchange students from foreign countries studying at German universities, which represents 8.3% of students in the country.

MADRID: Perfect city for movies

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Madrid has become a film reference thanks to the intense European audiovisual activity carried out here during the year, which means the city’s image is present on the big screen all over the world. The Spanish capital is the preferred choice of many prestigious national and international film directors for their filming work, owing to its excellent locations and solid audiovisual structure.

SPANISH POLITICS: Untangling the web

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By Hillman Hollister

I used to think that American politics were complicated—then I came to Spain. Here there are numerous political parties (none of which has been able to win a majority), whispers of a corrupt political elite, and parts of Spain which don’t even want to be parts of Spain. On the 26th of June, the country is set to engage in yet another round of elections to determine its next ruling party. This is the second election in the past seven months, and it seems as though Spaniards are just about filled to the brim with politics. With four major political parties competing for votes, there certainly is a lot to talk about.


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Viennese cuisine is the only type of cooking in the world that is named after a city. Vienna is also the only metropolis in the world that grows enough wine within city limits to be worth mentioning. The Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of gemütlichkeit. No wonder that the bistro, wine tavern and cafe are the foundational pillars of Vienna’s culture of food pleasures in all its enticing variety.