FASHION: Europe is the place to be – Alexander McQueen

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By Sol Vallejo Oyarzun

The world of fashion is as fascinating as each designers mind. It is a journey towards parallel worlds, where each artist recreates their magical vision of what design means to them. Everything revolves around transformative forms, bringing haute couture; to the creation of a universe where different textiles come to life. Bodies appear beautifully immersed en the craziness of each designer, and recreate their unique take on this art. To venture into this dreamy and wonderful cosmos, can really be an experience that takes us away from the earthly, to fly between volumes, cuts, folds, etc… If I had to disappear from this reality to arrive in the fascinating mind of a designer, I would say that Alexander McQueen made me feel an indescribable sensation, which made me want to study fashion. This magician of the needle made me emotional and made me feel passion for fashion.


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León Arsenal’s real name is José Antonio Alvaro, but chose to write under a pseudonym simply because when he started writing his career was dramatically different. For many years, León worked as a Marine Pilot. This intensive travelling overseas provided him with plenty of time to be with himself at the gun deck, and the opportunity to convey his thoughts onto a piece of paper.

ETH ZURICH: Disney Research

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The ETH  is one of the best engineering universities in the world. That is why the “Disney Research Zurich (DRZ)” – the only Walt Disney research lab at a European university – was opened there six years ago. The director of the  lab at ETH Zurich, Markus Gross, revealed what innovations the researchers are working on, affording a glimpse into the future of animated film. Markus Gross offers an insight into his team’s activities; behind him is the inventor Gyro Gearloose, who inspired Gross to do a degree in engineering in the first place.

GERMANY: Job offers for educaters with German knowledge

Jobs By 12 octubre, 2016 No Comments is looking for qualified  EU-Educators that are willing to work in Munich and are looking for an unlimited employment contract. Our clients are German Children care institutions (Kindergarten). Since there is a lack of qualified educators we are looking for European girls and boys with good German knowledge that are willing to move to Germany. In the whole process the candidate will be accompanied and introduced in the German education culture. He or she will be helped to find an appartment in Munich

COMMUNICATION: Language Expert Terry McLean tells us how to communicate better

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Terry Mclean is a clear exponent of present times, a professional who understands what cultural awareness implies in every way. English-born, he is fluent in seven more European languages and wisely polarizes his professional skills. He is a communication expert that is especially focused on intercultural differences. A continuous, inexhaustible development of his actual and potential capabilities – in a few words, his main assets – has made Terry a master of reinvention. He can now pride on a rich, multifaceted career, and tell us about his world-wide experience. We have had the pleasure to speak with him about it.