SPAIN: Born to be late

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Do you find yourself again and again with a mountain of things to do? Do you have an interminable list of tasks which, at first, you feel motivated to take care of? This is how many work days start in Spain. This way to organize working life, but suddenly someone asks you something, you start to busy yourself with that, and when you want to return to what you were doing you are lost. Procrastination happens pretty often, but why? It is much easier to postpone tasks than it is to take care of them in the moment, and it isn’t hard to make excuses.

GERMANY: Learn how to get into the labor market

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Antti Kapanen, a 36-year-old Finn living in Berlin since 2004, has been educating international students since 2007 in the postgraduate programme Master of Business Administration and Engineering at the HTW Berlin. Since 2014, he researches the employability of German universities foreign graduates. In August 2015, he launched on the Employability Skills MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to help migrants integrate better to the German labour market. An updated version of the course will be re-launched in June 2016.

ERASMUS: Students prefer Spain

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Spain, after all, is the European country which receives most foreign students, as well as the third biggest exporter of them after Germany and France. They know all about this at the universities of Granada, Valencia and Madrid Complutense, the three which draw most students. Since the Erasmus Programme was founded in 1987, 1.7 million Europeans have benefited from its grants for mobility within the European Union.