5G: Will it create or destroy jobs in Europe?

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by Andrés F. Tejero González /planet-bpm.com

To satisfy the ever-increasing demand for mobile broadband communications, the IMT-Advanced (IMT-A) standards have been ratified by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in November 2010 and the fourth generation (4G) wireless communication systems are currently being deployed worldwide. The standardization for LTE Rel-12, also known as LTE-B, is also ongoing and expected to be finalized in 2014. The problem is that 5G will create millions of jobs but destroy millions more. We need a plan.

BARCELONA: a learning hub to experiment the school 2020

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by Stefanie Claudia Müller

There is not a lot of time left to adapt to the enormous changes that we have to face in the next years. The most significant driving force of change is the climate threat, but also a world where we will work less with our body and more with our brain. Where robots will serve in a bar, clean hotels and help people in elderly homes. Christopher Pommerening who used to travel, study and work around the globe wants to give us the tools to be able to move in this world, especially our kids need a lot of assistance the next years. They will be the changemakers and suffer the most climate change.

SPAIN: Spanish culture vs the US

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by Andrea Sagay

The first dimension is power distance. Power distance is a dimension that addresses a society’s willingness to accept that there are inequalities between individuals. This is probably the most similar the two countries are, looking at all the dimensions. Despite that, they are still pretty different. The next dimension is Individualism. On this dimension Spain has a score of 51. This dimension shows how much members rely or depend on each other.

Basically, do the people in that society identify as a “we” or an “I”. Spain is a lot less individualistic than the United States, which has a score of 91. The third dimension is Masculinity. This dimension focuses on whether masculine or feminine values. A society with masculine values focuses more on competition, achievement and success.

MADRID: City of avantgarde

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by Stefanie Claudia Müller

The cultural scene in Madrid is getting more and more international and diverse. The best example of how the Spanish capital has become a trendsetter is the Teatro Canal with its very different plays and performances. The recent show of Choy Ka Fai with Soft Machine, Surjit & Rianto was a breathtaking journey into a completely different world of dancing and expressing.

EUROPE: protecting the truth

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The European Union Regulation protects whistleblowers who report a violation of EU law. Some examples include legal violations such as tax fraud, money laundering, or data protection violations. This new regulation doesn’t only apply to employees, but it also protects trainees, volunteers, and self-employed workers. The Directive requires companies with more than 50 employees to take measures to protect.