NETHERLANDS: Dutch loses ground

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The Dutch Inspectorate of Education published the results of an investigation which suggest that in May last year the association ‘Beter Onderwijs Nederland’ (BON or Better Education Netherlands) had perfectly good reasons for filing a lawsuit against two Dutch universities and the inspectorate of education itself in an attempt to stop the unbridled anglicisation of higher education in the Netherlands.

TOURISM: its growing importance for economy

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by Jan Goller

The past year totalled 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals – a result which is two years ahead of forecasts. 2018 was with a six percent rise of tourists also the second strongest year since 2010. These are only some facts published in the new UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

By the way, for this year UNWTO forecasts a three to four percent increase, in line with the historical growth trend. But which figures about the tourism can we expect this year? And how can digital solutions help hoteliers to be more effective and to increase sales?

Planet-Bpm talked with start-ups at the International Tourism Trade Fair (Fitur) in Madrid about their ideas to revolutionize the market.

JOURNALIST: a risky, hard and dangerous profession

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by Jan Goller

Being a journalist is connected with lots of risks like being paid badly, being unemployed or working in war zones. During the last 25 years the number of killed journalists increased extremely. More than 2.300 journalists and reporters died in this period doing their job. About another alarming fact: Approximately 45 percent of freelance journalist earn less than 1.000 euros per month.

The aim of today’s Journalist Day (Día del Periodista) in Spain is to make the people aware of risks that journalists have to face on and to communicate the importance of an independent journalism

MIGRANTS: higher risks of developing ill

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by Jan Goller

Migrants and refugees are likely to have good general health, but they can be at risk of falling sick in transition or while staying in receiving countries due to poor living conditions or adjustments in their lifestyle. This is the main conclusion of the first “Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region” which was released by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

FOOTBALL: Woman creates software to help young talents

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by Jan Goller

It is indispensable to be innovative and never stop creating new technologies to compete with other companies, but especially to improve the world, earn a living and facilitate everything for everyone. But it is true that due to this transformation the working world will change radically. Also the world of sports (in this case: of football) is changing a lot. Victoire Cogevina is the best example.