ISIS fighters come home …

Europe bad and good By 26 November, 2019 No Comments

European countries have delayed too long in dealing with the hundreds of their citizens who joined the Islamic State group (ISIS) and are now being detained in north-eastern Syria by Kurdish forces. These include not only men and women, but large numbers of young children. Leaving them in the improvised prisons and overcrowded refugee camps in which they are being held is irresponsible and, in the case of children, inhumane. With no better options available, European countries should immediately begin a programme of managed repatriation of their citizens.

China vs the rest – redefining identity

Immigration By 26 November, 2019 No Comments

by Zakary Dychtwald

Amidst these truly interesting, bizarre, sometimes sad, often exciting times, I’m proud to share a long-form TV feature about my work. We dive into the topics of China today, the inspiration and impetus for my book and work with Young China Group, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and issues I see impacting China and the US today.

Brazil goes Europe

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by Stefanie Claudia Müller

Europe becomes more and more attractive for Latin America where Democratic instability is impacting negatively the development of the continent. We talk to André Penha, Co-Founder and CTO of QuintoAndar, a Brazilian company dedicated to using technology and design to simplify residential rentals from end to end – for landlords and tenants alike. The company sees in Europe their next important market, also because it is so attractive as home and second home for so many people around the world. Europe become more and more attractive for Latin America where democratic instability is impacting negatively the development of the continent.

A German who believes in Barcelona

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Despite the constanct conflict with the separatists and ongoing riots and protests everywhere due to the announced imprisonment of nine catalan politicans Berlin headquartered investment firm Target Global has announced the opening of a new office in Barcelona, confirming the company’s commitment to significantly increasing its activity in the city and across Spain. Over the last 12 months the Germans have invested about €40m. The  biggest stakes are TravelPerk, Badi, Doc Planner and Mediquo.