EUROPE: How the chinese slower growth affects us

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by Jan Goller

China’s current economic situation seems to be a bit strange at a first glance: While its economy is growing more slowly than the years before and the debts are rising, the Chinese government invests money into local infrastructure. Experts from the global rating agency S&P predict China to face this year a faustian choice between growth or debt reduction. Planned stimulus to boost output and business sentiment in China could undermine the country’s deleveraging push. This leaves policymakers with a tough choice between missing targets on growth or on reducing financial risks.

VEGGIE REVOLUTION IN SPAIN: Lidl tries to be part of it

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by Jan Goller

Eating healthy and veggie is “in”: More than 50 % of the Spanish population have tried in the last twelve months a meat alternative (like hamburgers made of vegetables). The discount supermarket chain Lidl wants to adjust itself to the new preferences of its consumers and gets involved in the veggie revolution”.

Fruits and vegetables in one yoghurt? This sounds strange, doesn’t it? But exactly this did the shop and describes itself as the first grocery store chain to offer yoghurts with fruits and vegetables.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Too old for business?

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by Stanford Business School (Matt Villano)

New data shows the sweet spot for entrepreneurial success, and why young people need to rise up the ranks more quickly. There’s no question the domestic workforce is aging. According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median age of the U.S. labor force was 42 years in 2016, up from 38 in 1996, and it’s projected to keep climbing.

But new research suggests that this trend could hamper business innovation on a long-term basis.

TOUR GUIDE: discovering Madrid with Christine

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Madrid lived many changes in the last years due to its high polution and traffic problems. Mobility has changed and also the access to many places. The new major has also increased the cultural events in the city, many of them free of charge. Many reasons why the Spanish capital has become the No.1 touristic attraction for Chinese, Europeans and also Americans. We talk with the very experienced German tour guide Dr. Christine Giesen.

GERMANY: Despite results below average, students satisfied

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by Jan Goller

While the general framework for Germany’s universities needs improving, students are nevertheless largely satisfied with their degree courses. This is the conclusion of the latest survey presented by Germany’s Centre for Higher Education (CHE).

Twenty-two of the 31 German universities surveyed fell into the second half of the league table. The rankings caused consternation among politicians and higher education officials.