OBESITY: Spain has got a problem

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Edited by Sydney Ramgolam

The Institute of Obesity warns us about the increasingly strong relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain. In recent years, obesity has become a principal health problem. Spain is one of the countries where obesity is growing very quickly and despite a good diet, Spanish kids are often overweighted. The most recent calculations by la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) cited billions of adults as overweight and over 300 million as obese. In light of these increasing numbers, there’s been a push to find the link between obesity and the social factors that make it such a widespread problem, but with each investigation it becomes clearer that sleep is an important part of preventing obesity.


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by Arantza Mendez-Aguirre

After the Laughter Slaughter the Otter, Bryan van Scoyk’s “opera prima”, was the focus of the last literary event run by the Planet-BPM team: an English book which curiously saw the light of day in Madrid and is, no doubt, a clear exponent of all the personal involvement, time investment and stamina required in auto-edition.

PARIS: Au Bon Marche

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The crossroads of rue de Sevres and boul Raspail offer a feast for the eye. A square, a hotel, and a shopping ‘marché’ are only the beginning. Here there are places to relax, to eat or drink, or do some of the most exciting shopping in Paris.

TRAVELLING: What to pack for a safari

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Going on safari is a dream for many people. We are used to watching wildlife in all its glory on the Discovery Channel, but seeing a lion or leopard in the wild is a humbling experience. There was a time when ordinary people had no chance of ever seeing majestic creatures such as elephants and hippos anywhere other than within the confines of a zoo. These days, safaris are much more affordable, even if you are a cash-strapped student looking at online doctoral nursing programs, or you are partway through an MSN to DNP online and you need a break.

EUROPE: Call for researchers

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The “ERA Chairs” are intended to help develop research excellence in low performing research and innovation Member States and regions*. Universities or other eligible research institutions with currently low levels of participation in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which have a demonstrated potential and concrete plan for research excellence, will be selected by the Commission to appoint outstanding research leaders: the “ERA Chairs holder” and his/her research team.