LA BANDA: The Rhythm of Life

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by Paloma Márquez


LA BANDA is a heartfelt coming of age movie filled with real-life scenarios between friends and family. Roberto Bueso, who debuts as a director, states that the story is based on his feelings when he left his hometown, Valencia, Spain, to study cinematography like Edu. A young adult who went to London to pursue his passion for music. However, he goes back home for his brother’s wedding and then ponders how long he will stay home. While he is home, he is forced to face old feelings that he hadn’t dealt with his family and friends.

STRESS: Why sometimes we cannot sleep

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Sonja Sommerfeld is known for her decades of experience helping people in an emphatic way to sleep better. With her holistically oriented, modern concepts, she established convincing sleep strategies. Her name “Schlafexpertin” was awarded to her on the basis of her extensive expertise by a newspaper reporter from the Hamburg area where she comes from. asked her how people can  sleep better and longer.

UNEMPLOYMENT: Is aid helping or hindering?

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by Lucia Gorgon

In Europe, there are about 5.5 million young adults who are called ‘ninis– teens who do not work or go to school, making up 14.3 % of the European population. Right now, the government is dedicating many recourses to aid these unemployed teens, specifically to the ‘ninis.’ The question now is whether or not it is genuinely helping the young adults go into the working world or hindering them?

SPAIN: Farming becomes smart

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The durum wheat planted in Europe has been reduced due to low price and the increase in almond and olive productions has lead to a decreased production of cereals in the region. “The world population today stands at 7,700 million inhabitants, with an annual growth of 80 million people, with food being the main problem facing the world”, explained the co-founder of Northstar Brokerage, Philip Werle. Improvements in agricultural production processes “have led to significant increases in yields per hectare, although this revolution has left thousands of farmers unable to keep up with the pace,” says Werle.