PARIS: Haircut at home

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by Adrian Leeds

This one was ‘spur of the moment’ — he had a time slot, I had a time slot, and here he came up the stairs with his new pup on a leash and his equipment: comb/cape/scissors. Having one’s haircut on the street (or in your own apartment for which I opted), dry, with no equipment other than Kanu Saul, the “Hair Cowboy” (also known as “Picasso of Hair” or “Genius with Scissors”) is one of those nutty, fun experiences everyone should do at least once. But watch out, you may get addicted to Kanu.

SPANISH POLITICIANS: ¿A class of egocentric fools?

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With the already sometime ago release of her first  book Bajo las alfrombras del congreso, a vivid scan of dayly life in the Spanish Congress, Ketty Garat, was a young, dynamic exponent of what free journalism means nowadays. Bajo las alfrombras del congreso is the starting point for her new crusade: a seamless, unbiased, neat journalism, based on what she really perceives, far away from those restrictions directly imposed by ideological, political and economical powers. Ketty Garat easily conforms the Planet-BPM profile as a young, internationally driven professional, who defends adventure. Like Charles Dickens at the beginning of his career, for four years now, Ketty Garat has worked as a parliamentary journalist, reporting on both the Congress debates and election campaigns…

BOOKS TO READ: Half of the heaven is female

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By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Dr. Martina Violetta Jung has got a very different CV. For many it might not be comprehensible that someone who managed to be in the board of directors of important companies in Germany and Belgium suddenly dedicates her professional life to writing, to write Business Poems, but also books about women and success.