Germany’s high pensions become a problem

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Lack of company investment in Germany is causing an economic setback for the country. According to a study conducted by Das Progressive Zentrum and Policy Networ, Germany’s GDP is not as high as other European countries. The lack of company investment is the main reason why Germany’s GDP is not as high as other European countries, according to a study publishing by S&P Global Ratings. Companies are unwilling to invest because of the country’s high pension provisions, which are a result of the countries low interest rates and high corporate tax sales. Companies prefer to invest in European countries with lower interest rates and corporate tax sales.

European national brands are behind China

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Germany is the third most valuable nation brand, brand value US$4.9 trillion despite the lates bad news about its major companies and a chain of insolvencies. But the leaders are China and the US. These mentioned factors, paired with the flat Eurozone economy, and the automobile scandal that has plagued one of the nation’s top performing sectors, has blighted Germany’s brand value this year, but it is still a global brand leader according to Holger Muehlbauer, Brand Finance Germany: “Despite challenges over the last year, Germany’s outstanding reputation on the global stage remains unwavering, due to a combination of its moderating role in multiple international political dilemmas and through its creation of reliable, world-class products that the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp guarantees.”

Poland voted again for the right extreme party

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Poles went to the polls, some 61% (estimated) of the electorate showed up. Law and Justice (PiS) wins with 43.6% of the vote. It shall translate itself into 239 seats according to the polling institution, which would just be the majority of seats in the Sejm composed of 460 MPs. “Law and Justice” will continue to rule alone. Mateusz Morawiecki will continue to be PM. PiS had a number of controversial policy programme items including the judiciary reform, the media law and the cooperation with the local authorities. Yet the most important of the campaign promises were on the social policy: the minimal wage at a Western European standard by 2023.

Europeans are happy

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According to a study of the BBVA Foundation Europeans express the highest satisfaction of the last ten years (7.2 out of 10), with the Spanish to the fore (7.6). They also see themselves as largely free of the influence of external factors, believing that it is they themselves who control how their lives develop. Note, however, that although this perception of control has advanced in Spain to 7.4, in the United Kingdom and Italy it has dropped 6.7 points compared to 2012. They also see sexual harassment and discrimination against women as widespread practices. The unity of views on these three dimensions locates the situation of women as among the biggest challenges facing society, and one that needs to be addressed in all its forms.