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Work less and live longer

Living By 16 August, 2019 No Comments

Long working hours shorten life expectancy by 9 years due to working weeks that exceed 48 hours. Every hour spent at work per week above the recommended 48 hours shaves 2.25 years off your life. Countries which have an average working week that exceeds 48 hours die an average of two years earlier than those that work for 45 hours or less, new research shows. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, countries with a high life expectancy between 82.2 and 84.2 years, among them Spain, work an average of 40.7 hours per week, compared to the average 42.6 hour worked by countries with lifespans between 52.9 and 59.8.

EUROPE: the expansion of drugs

Living By 27 June, 2019 No Comments

Becoming obsessive with things is always a bad sign. Drug abuse is not just linked to alchol, cocaine or cannabis. There is also an increasing abuse of digital devices, sport or even sex. We talk to Hans R. Hoffmann how to overcome these problems. The therapist treats people suffering adictions of all kind on the small island of Gozo situated close to Malta

STRESS: Why sometimes we cannot sleep

Living By 13 June, 2019 No Comments

Sonja Sommerfeld is known for her decades of experience helping people in an emphatic way to sleep better. With her holistically oriented, modern concepts, she established convincing sleep strategies. Her name “Schlafexpertin” was awarded to her on the basis of her extensive expertise by a newspaper reporter from the Hamburg area where she comes from. asked her how people can  sleep better and longer.