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VEGGIE REVOLUTION IN SPAIN: Lidl tries to be part of it

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by Jan Goller

Eating healthy and veggie is “in”: More than 50 % of the Spanish population have tried in the last twelve months a meat alternative (like hamburgers made of vegetables). The discount supermarket chain Lidl wants to adjust itself to the new preferences of its consumers and gets involved in the veggie revolution”.

Fruits and vegetables in one yoghurt? This sounds strange, doesn’t it? But exactly this did the shop and describes itself as the first grocery store chain to offer yoghurts with fruits and vegetables.

TOUR GUIDE: discovering Madrid with Christine

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Madrid lived many changes in the last years due to its high polution and traffic problems. Mobility has changed and also the access to many places. The new major has also increased the cultural events in the city, many of them free of charge. Many reasons why the Spanish capital has become the No.1 touristic attraction for Chinese, Europeans and also Americans. We talk with the very experienced German tour guide Dr. Christine Giesen.

MALAGA: Hub for Scandinavians

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By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Spain has got a great advantage compared to Germany: It had got the crisis and had to follow a rough austerity policy due to the European intervention in 2012. While the South of Europe went through some harsh reforms because of that and had to calculate with intelligence every investment, Germany was just growing and growing without undergoing any major reform in the social, fiscal or banking systems. The Germans in times of constant growth even managed to cut debts. Now it seems like the South can show the North how to play the future.