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TOURISM: The job machine in Europe

Jobs By 20 septiembre, 2018 No Comments

There are previsions about how we will travel in the future. Some people and experts in lifestyle and economic visions believe that we will have more and more time in the coming years because we will work less hours, retire earlier and have more money to go somewhere else and relax – at least some of us. Among these people that believe in this vision for the coming year we find Jörg Lindner, an renown German investor in the European tourism market. He not just believes in a better world today and in the coming years than we had before, he also thinks that we will see an enormous growth in the tourism industry.

AI: Silicon Valley attracts European talents

Jobs By 15 septiembre, 2018 No Comments

Experts in artifical intelligence are wanted everywhere. In Europe we have some of the best universities to study it. But unfortunately countries like UK and Germany face an artificial intelligence ‘brain drain’ as Silicon Valley raids its top universities for talent, data compiled by The Telegraph shows. Around a third of leading machine learning and AI specialists who have left the United Kingdom’s top institutions are currently working at Silicon Valley tech firms.

MUSIC: Ibiza is the place for DJs

Jobs By 18 agosto, 2018 No Comments

You love music and you love dancing and you love to be the centre of attention? Then you should be in Ibiza. There they are not only looking for good DJs, they also pay them well. The big names can get to 200 000 euros a night. You can learn and work with stars of the scene, in the background or just watching them how they create the event that makes people pay 80 euros for an entrance. Ibiza starts partying now already in the afternoon. So more hours of music are needed.

BLOCKCHAIN: The new job machine?

Jobs By 23 mayo, 2018 1 Comment

If you are wondering what the impact of blockchain in economics is, then you are reading the right article. Blockchain is based on a system that is called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which is not a new terminology. Ledger is a book or a file where the economic transactions are recorded. A document of two columns, debits and credits that at the end should be balanced (total debits=total credits). Ledgers have been around for centuries and have revolutionized the economy, particularly accounting.