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More male founders… Why?

Jobs By 5 March, 2020 No Comments

A startling statistic from the European Commission’s: when it comes to European start-ups, 83% of start-up founders are male. At the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), we want to see more women entrepreneurs: more female ownership of start-ups, and more businesses owned by women. It’s about equality and social inclusion, it is also about a good economic sense and using Europe’s biggest untapped entrepreneurial talent pool – women.

Spain is a reference in tourism

Jobs By 10 January, 2020 No Comments

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in association with Globalia, the leading tourism group in Spain and Latin America, has selected the finalists of the 2nd Global Tourism Startup Competition, an initiative that the two entities have been working on since 2018 when its first edition was held. The countries with the highest number of projects submitted have been Spain, followed by India, the United States, Portugal, Nigeria and Colombia.

This annual competition is one of the flagship projects of Wakalua, the tourism innovation hub. Solutions that combine location data with artificial intelligence can be used to identify tourism regions, associate them with nearby airports, optimize, and offer opinion mining, among others.

Why the travel industry has changed and still will.

Jobs By 22 December, 2019 No Comments

We talk to Patricia Parosselló Palmer, a Senior Travel Industry Professional. She has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and is founder of several companies. She is for instance the founder of (former Resorthoppa), an online transfer business that was sold to Albion Ventures and the Lowcosttravel Group in 2008. She tells us about how the bankruptcy of Thomas Cooks has changed the whole travel industry.

Netherland, Norway and Germany are the easiest labor markets

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The countries with the highest employment rate for recent graduates are: Iceland (91.8%), Malta (90.4%), Netherlands (89.2%), Norway (89.2%) and Germany (88.7%). 50% of graduates can’t find a job in Italy and Greece. In Romania, France, Bulgaria, Croatia and Spain, around 30% of recent graduates don’t have a job after graduation. 20% of British postgraduates can’t get into the job market after graduating.

Nurses in the UK decline

Jobs By 12 December, 2019 No Comments

The demand for nurses is high but the supply is low. According to, a job site website, Indeed, within UK’s biggest cities including London, the searched for nurse jobs has decline, which is surprising especial for London which has the highest number of nursing staff.

The National Health Service has provided data regarding this issue, but it can be misleading. According to the most recent figures from the NHS, in England there was a 3.9% increase from five years earlier and a 3.2% general rise over the last decade. However, the data in depth shows that there were also 39,520 nursing vacancies in England in the first quarter of this year, which is around 11% of the workforce. That 11% of the workforce was temporary filled in by agency or contract workers, but those temporary workers were counted as permanent nurses, which could have altered the results.

Awards for climate projects

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Fifteen game-changing initiatives from more than twenty countries have been celebrated as winners of the prestigious UN Global Climate Action Awards during the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid.  Speaking at a special ceremony at COP25 hosted by the Chilean Government, Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, said that  these award-winning projects shine a light on outstanding examples of scalable, innovative and practical climate action from around the world.