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FAMILY BUSINESSES: Europe’s solid rock

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Business families found 6 companies on average across their history, according to a study by several European universities. According to the STEP Project report, which incorporates research conducted at ESADE, European family businesses are particularly strong in terms of compliance with environmental regulations. Reputation and influence over business governance and management are among the priorities of family firms.

ORGANIC FOOD: Europe becomes an expert

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Spain always has been the most important producer of organic agricultural products. But until very lately it did not discover the advantages of organic food for its own alimentation. Now veghan kitchen and organic shops are exploding everywhere. New jobs are created and services like Deliveroo start to become experts in home delivery of vegetarian food. This goes along with a different way to deliver food: more and more bikes and electric scooters and cars are used.

UBER: Will taxi drivers survive in Europe?

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By Costanza Cerasi

Thousands of Spanish taxi drivers participated the protest demonstration against rental cars with Uber and Cabify. At the same time, a 24-hour strike was called across the country. The taxi drivers asked the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to enforce the proportion of 1 to 30 on licenses provided by law. Among the accusations of unfair competition aimed at online platforms are those of pricing too low and avoiding tax obligations.

WORK: UK students are lost

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Young people are increasing leaving their jobs within the first 12 months of work. Meanwhile, employers feel hiring graduates is a ‘hit or miss” situation. These are the stark findings of research conducted by Magnet. me, UK’s biggest student and graduate careers site. A third (33%) of 2016 graduates left their first job after university (up from 28% last year) with the majority (74%, up from 68% last year) citing that their roles didn’t match or offer that which was offered when applying.

PORTUGAL: AI creates jobs, according to Web Summit

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This year another 60 000 persons from all over the world attended the Web Summit in Lisboa. The country has become the reference for IT start up and although still struggling from the bad impact of the crisis in 2011, a very pragmatic fiscal policy has made Portugal interesting for financial and technological centre of excellence. This year in Web Summit Stephen Hawking delivered a keynote address on artificial intelligence (AI).

NETWORKING: “Thank you” is the most important thing to remember

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One of the most important things you can do in business is to network. It’s important to have an offline as well as online network and the key is to maximize both tools. The principles of offline and online networking, stripping away the technology, are basically the same. Many people understand business networking as selling yourself, your business or product, but that is not the case. Successful networking is all about building sincere, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships based on generosity. The principles and techniques of business networking are mostly common sense and many of the behavioural principles that generally apply to relationships also apply to business.