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MADRID: When fun becomes a business

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Karen Moan is not Karen Moan, but she could be. She began to be someone else. She likes role-playing and being crazy. The 47-year-old Spanish woman with the red dress and mother of two children feels like she still wants to discover, to long and explore. In her former life, she was a journalist, happily married to an Irish man, now she is an Event-Manager with less money, but happier: “Just to do and be what you think is your destiny is an enormous satisfaction”.

Smart Tourism changes working in the industry

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Determining a city’s future readiness for tourism growth requires a holistic view that accounts not only for its current physical and natural assets, but also for its social capital and the impact of its policies. The working environment of these future “intelligent” destinations will change drastically in the future, as will the price we have to pay for traveling. Whether a city is looking to grow its Travel & Tourism sector or manage rising visitor numbers, business and city leaders must balance all the dynamics that make up a city’s fabric.

EUROPE: I had a dream…

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In 1996, Yousef Yousef (1983) came to the Netherlands from Syria as a refugee along with his mother, brother and sister. For almost seven years they lived together in a refugee camp, fearing that each day would be the day they learned they were going to be deported. The inspiration to become an entrepreneur came from his father Qaury Yousef, who was a successful businessman. His father died when Yousef was two years old, leaving his mother alone to raise three children. She decided to take her children to Europe, and Yousef’s dream of being an entrepreneur accompanied him to Europe. To achieve his goals, he began to follow educational programs in the refugee camp, after ten years, Yousef was granted the Dutch residency that allowed him to enroll at the University of Leiden.

EUROPA: To live by art

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Paul Beumer’s painterly practice oscillates between figuration and abstraction, but in the past few years gained a specific focus on the relationship and dichotomies between Western and Asian approaches to landscape painting and nature. Steering away from the conventions of the brush and canvas his works are made on a variation of loose cloths. He engages ink or chlorine and manual resist-dyeing techniques to produce abstract patterns that feel like faint memories of Western High Modernism.

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR: more inclusive and safer

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by Jan Goller

Only 9 % of the people working in the construction sector are women. But working in this sector still means having to face lots of dangers. To promote the social dialogue between employers and unions, the Construction Labor Foundation was born in 1992. In the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the foundation, Madrid’s mayor Manuela Carmena declared the will to establish a recognition of innovation. This should avoid the loss of lives during the work.  Recently, the campaign #yotambienconstruyo (#IalsoConstruct) has been launched to make visible the more 115,000 women who work in this field.

RETAIL SECTOR: artificial intelligence & competitiveness

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by Jan Goller

What impact does technology have on the retail sector? This question has been discussed a lot in the recent years and stays still unanswered. Some people even have referred to the ‘apocalypse’ of the sector caused by online shopping. But thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), companies in the retail sector will move from a “preventive” business model to a “predictive” model. This will help them to be much more efficient, according to the report “AI, the future of Retail” presented by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital), ICEX and Kairos. AI can improve the customer service and optimize the production processes of retail.