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ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Spain is the place to be

Jobs By 25 septiembre, 2015 No Comments

By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Although there is a lot of incertainty about the legal situation in the renewable sector in Spain and still the construction business is suffering the “after bubble situation”, there is still a huge market for energy efficiency tools. There is no place for architects or more construction companies, but there is still a big business to run for restoring and improving existing buildings with regard to the rising energy prices and to give consultancy on energy efficient building.

GASTRONOMY: Food Markets & Food Trucks

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The Food sector is becoming the most stable in crisis time. Food trucks and Food markets are popping up everywhere around Europe from Cologne to Madrid. In the Spanish the Madreat Festival once a month has grown from around 15 vintage trucks selling food to about 70. A business of used trucks converted into driving vintage restaurants has become a big business and has created a couple of thousand jobs in the big cities.

GASTRONOMY: Spain is the best place to learn to be a chef

Jobs By 12 septiembre, 2015 1 Comment

Text by Stefanie Claudia Müller, Madrid, Pictures by Alvaro Rodríguez, Sigrid Lohse


20 years ago Switzerland and France where the best place to learn about cooking, vinery and patisserie. That changed. Spain is now in Europe the place to be. Some of the best bodegas, best restaurants, best cooks, best confectioners and gastronomy schools are right now in the Bask country, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Andalucia. 

MODERN MADRID: More Wifi & entrepreneurs

Jobs, Living By 7 septiembre, 2015 No Comments

By Stefanie Claudia Müller, Madrid

Since the new leftwing local government was formed in Madrid the city is experimenting positive changes for entrepreneurs and young professionals. First of all the citizens can participate better in decision making processes and control the use of their taxes. The budget and its revenues and spendings will be published in realtime. Besides, an independent auditing company is checking right now all the contracts the city has ongoing and where money can be saved by changing providers or conditions. All the ongoing processes in this respect can be followed on the webpage of the city. Modern Madrid is very much on its way.