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FOOTBALL: Woman creates software to help young talents

Jobs By 17 enero, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

It is indispensable to be innovative and never stop creating new technologies to compete with other companies, but especially to improve the world, earn a living and facilitate everything for everyone. But it is true that due to this transformation the working world will change radically. Also the world of sports (in this case: of football) is changing a lot. Victoire Cogevina is the best example.

DesignEuropa Awards: Europe’s strong side

Jobs By 1 diciembre, 2018 No Comments

Industrial Design becomes more and more important for the European industry in the fight against the strong and many times cheaper chinese competition. Especially Germany has with its Bauhaus school a long tradition of industrial design. The EUIPO patent office in Alicante awardes the best ones. Small and Emerging Companies Award has been won by the Air.Go 2.0 automatic bag drop system, owned by Danish firm Marcus Pedersen ApS, and designed by Sara Clement. She shows that women become more and more important in Industrial design. The Industry Award was won by the ARTIS pheno robotic C-arm angiography system from Siemens Healthcare GmbH, designed by Nadja Roth, another strong woman.

GERMANY: Companies are seeking new owners

Jobs By 22 noviembre, 2018 No Comments

German daughters and sons many times do not want to follow their parents’ business, but want to start their own company. In Germany where you can find many medium sized companies (Mittelstand) with an important economic impact, this lack of interest becomes a serious problem, also for the staff. Their is a risk of thousand of companies to die if they cannot find a successor. For the moment just half of the owners inherit their business to their children. If you look for an interesting investment that works than have a look here and listen what Michael Rohrmaier has to say.

SWEDEN: The problem of overqualification

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Sweden has been the model for many things in the last years. But the refugee wave has changed as well many things in Scandinavia. Against extreme right wing tendences an Academic lobby seeks fundemental changes in the treat oft foreign-born academics in Sweden. According to many studies they are disproportionately overqualified for their job or unemployed and action should be taken to make better use of their talent, according to a new analysis published by Jusek, a union of university graduates.