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NEW PROFESSION: Business Poet!

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By Dr. Martina Violetta Jung

My name is Martina Violetta Jung and today, age 53, I am a Business Poet. It is not a job I took on right after obtaining my university degree nor had anyone offered it to me. I created “The Business Poet” to suit my own talents, skills, experience as well as inner urge to contribute to our world in the best way I possibly can – all this after years of soul searching and letting go of something that wasn’t really me.

BERLIN: HTW creates jobs

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Planet interviews the director of the MBA-Programm of the HTW: Antti Kappanen

How many of your students are Europeans? How many of them come from Spain?

A majority of our over 50 currently enrolled students come from Asia and Latin America. Beside German students, our current Europeans come mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. Perhaps a bit exceptionally, at the moment we don’t have anyone from Spain enrolled in the programme. As a small degree programme, our marketing reach is quite limited. Nevertheless, those Spaniards among our alumni are on very successful career tracks!


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A new site for finding a job: This modern way to find the right company in the right country in Europe is different from everything on the market. Behind this project are real persons and not just a fancy technology. Planet BPM connecting Europe offers candidates to upload their CV video for free and to contact right away with the companies.