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SPAIN: Scientists have a hard time, they have to immigrate to earn good money

Immigration, Study By 14 July, 2016 No Comments

The progress of the Spanish R & D system from the last decade has got stuck when the economical crisis started. The first budget cuts in R & D sector were applied in 2010, and nowadays the public R & D investment has stepped back to 2005 levels. The Spanish Young Researchers Federation (FJI-Precarios) strongly believes that, beyond raising public investment, a thoughtful R & D policy should be undertaken. In our FJI-Precarios Decalogue (under Creative Common License), we suggest 10 measures that will strengthen the R & D system and will make it more independent of political turnovers.

IMMIGRATION: Our Downfall or Our Uprise?

Immigration By 25 March, 2016 1 Comment

By Alvaro Alexander Bernat Müller

More than 11.1 million illegal immigrants and a maximum of 40 million legal immigrants are the reason why immigration has been such a debated topic in Europe and as well in the U.S. Not only in the past, but also this last decade. The economic crisis that started in 2005 and that is now fading away is the main reason why politicians, economists, and regular citizens have been focusing more in immigration policies than in anything else.