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SPAIN: A country at a Crossroads

Europe bad and good By 20 noviembre, 2015 No Comments

By James Skinner

Let’s start with the separatist movement in Cataluña. Although all eyes – Catalans – are on the forthcoming referendum in Scotland to see which way the United Kingdom pendulum will swing as far as a breakup is concerned, Sr. Artur Mas, the region’s president continues to trip over his own shadow. He has tried to gain support from international politicians with various trips abroad to drum up enthusiasm but without success. The European Commission continually advises him that they would lose EU status. On this issue the whole of the Spanish Parliament, other that the Basque and Galician Nationalists are on the government’s side. ‘No, Sr. Mas; you cannot have your referendum!’


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Study abroad during university, and more importantly study abroad with the goal of improving one’s ability with a foreign language by spending a prolonged period of time in another country has been changing over the past years. There is a rising demand of intercultural competence. Within Europe the Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements Program provides this opportunity and an increasing number of US universities also facilitate internship programs abroad. The increase in numbers of students interested in this type of study abroad is directly related to the need to acquire professional experience that will make them more employable.

POLITICS: Elections in Catalonia

Europe bad and good, Study By 30 septiembre, 2015 No Comments

by James Skinner and Stefanie Claudia Müller

Elections in Catalonia. No need to elaborate except to confirm that although the main driving coalition party (4 members) known as the ‘Junts pel si’ (‘Together for the ‘Yes) in favor of independence from Spain lead by Artur Mas (CiU – right wing nationalists) together with Oriol Jorquera (ERC – Left wing republican), Union Democratica de Cataluña (UDC – Christian Democrat) and Moviment d’Ezquerés (MES – another Christian Democrat of sorts) obtained the largest number of votes but were not enough to form a government.