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Europe bad and good

UK: Will Brexit quit jobs in the finance industry?

Europe bad and good By 3 January, 2018 No Comments

Whilst Downing Street recently claimed that Theresa May remains confident in agreeing an exit deal with Brussels, UK Brexit Secretary David Davis is briefing the Cabinet for the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal. As the uncertainty of striking a deal with the EU intensifies, Hamidreza Ghanbari, CEO of Pilatus Bank, discusses the challenges and opportunities that the UK will have to endure post Brexit regardless of whether a trade deal with EU is agreed.

BUSINESS CULTURE: What will change in Europe

Europe bad and good By 22 September, 2017 No Comments interviews Martina Violetta Jung (53) who completed legal studies in Germany and China with a PhD degree. She formerly worked as a M&A Lawyer, Managing Director, CEO, Non-Executive Director and Leadership Advisor. She left these positions and titles behind to enhance people’s perspective on the meaning of career, power, money and the responsibility that comes with it with poems, stories and corresponding watercolor portraits. We talk with her about trends in the market and her last book: “Durchschaut – Worte im Maßanzug”.