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Europe bad and good

US vs Europe: Immigration is not the problem

Europe bad and good By 8 September, 2019 No Comments

by Stefanie Claudia Müller

While Donald Trump is not just hated in Europe for his “America first”- policy, but also in his own country, especially in spots such as San Francisco, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have become somehow heroes. They stand for a Europe that is tolerant, generous, that fights for female rights and a Europe that is very diverse and open-minded.  In Germany, refugees get a kind of “Welcome package” and also for legalized immigrants they are a lot of social benefits, nearly the same or even some times better assistance than for the nationals who fell out of the system. This has attracted a lot of people who are seeking help.

Behind this human face it is obvious that Europe has as well massive problems with illegal immigration and in consequence with a rise of right extreme parties. But as in the US migrants and refugees are not the problem of a declining fierce capitalist system driven by the American way of life. Anyhow, an Economic upswing in front can we really be the paradise for everyone? Are we so different than Trump in our immigration policy or are we just less honest? The crucial question is how comprehensive can we be and how far can we permit to import to our European society “strange” traditions like wearing a Burka or female genital mutilation? Can we permit immigrants to live their political conflicts in their new home like the Kurdish and Turks do in Germany?

EU: Is Ursula von der Leyen a good leader?

Europe bad and good By 7 August, 2019 No Comments

Will Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell be able to turn things round? The latest report from the European Council on Foreign Relations and coauthors Mark Leonard, cofounder and director of ECFR, and Carl Bildt, cochair of ECFR – From plaything to player: How Europe can stand up for itself in the next five years – argues that Europeans still have the power to take their destiny into their own hands – if they make major changes to how they organize themselves.

EUROPE: climate change splits up

Europe bad and good By 12 July, 2019 No Comments

A report aftermath of the European Parliament election, finds that almost half (44%) of Spanish voters think their country’s political system is “broken”. Support for the EU, however, remains strong – with parties, and voters, agreed on the need for pan-European engagement on to key issues, such as climate, the economy, and international security.

EU: The new cold war and how it effects us

Europe bad and good By 22 May, 2019 No Comments

by S&P/

In a first look at trade tariffs the U.S. and China have recently slapped on each other, economists at S&P Global Ratings believe the direct effects on the world’s two largest economies are likely to be minimal—if the levies remain in place for the rest of 2019. However, the indirect macroeconomic effects are likely to be many, varied, and capture other trade-dependent economies in their nets like Europe and Canada. Willem Buiter, Economist and advisor of Citibank, speaks already from a “new cold war”, that the Chinese are likely to win.

MIGRATION: Not a main worry for Europeans

Europe bad and good By 1 April, 2019 No Comments

Despite what Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini and Steve Bannon have said, the EU elections will not be a referendum on migration. While migration is important for some voters, it is not the only battleground for votes ahead of the European Parliament elections, according to a major new poll by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). The think-tank’s poll finds that emigration and domestic issues, such as corruption, the cost of living, health, housing, and unemployment, also feature prominently among voters.