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EUROPE: How can coaching help young people on the move?

Culture, Jobs, Study By 24 noviembre, 2015 1 Comment

By Rikke Lina Nissen – Founder & Coach,

Over the past decade coaching has slowly become a concept which is increasingly used in relation to people development. This recent growth in the application of coaching methods has not only started to show up within business environments but also more and more people use it for personal performance development.

SPAIN: Writing artist – Sonia Bautista

Culture By 22 noviembre, 2015 No Comments

Her aunt was a famous Spanish actress, her partner is an artist, her kid is gifted with music and she is creative in everything she does. “Why not trying to write”, Sonia Bautista thought and that is how “Atardecer Químico” (see the illustration made by herself) was born, a very original short story about friendship. 

PARIS: Importance of Beur Literature – Incultural competence

Culture By 21 noviembre, 2015 No Comments

The Beur -or Moorish– Literature is considered the youngest sister of French Maghrebian Literature. The French lexicon incorporates the word beur around 1985, right after the second maghrebian immigration wave. Its feminine version beurrette will not appear until some years later. As the fourth generation of Arabs writing in French (the first generation lived the colonisation the second the independence, the third the emigration and the fourth the French assimilation), the beur authors do not know their original lands. It is an emerging “niche” within Maghrebian Literature.


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Study abroad during university, and more importantly study abroad with the goal of improving one’s ability with a foreign language by spending a prolonged period of time in another country has been changing over the past years. There is a rising demand of intercultural competence. Within Europe the Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements Program provides this opportunity and an increasing number of US universities also facilitate internship programs abroad. The increase in numbers of students interested in this type of study abroad is directly related to the need to acquire professional experience that will make them more employable.

WARSAW: The Old Town

Culture, Living By 18 octubre, 2015 No Comments

Warsaw is not the grey and poluted city that many people believe. It is currently a student town with many different areas and influences. Though there have been several earlier settlements where Warsaw stands today we reckon the foundation of the town to date back to around 1300 AD. The town was founded by the Duke of Mazowia,and it’s location close to the river and on main trade routes was attractive to merchants. Through the centuries Warsaw has been devastated by fires, Swedes, Germans and Russians, but each time it has been rebuilt, the last time after WWII where the Old Town was reduced to a rubble.