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SPANISH POLITICANS: ¿A class of egocentric fools?

Culture By 24 junio, 2017 1 Comment

With the already sometime ago release of her first  book Bajo las alfrombras del congreso, a vivid scan of dayly life in the Spanish Congress, Ketty Garat, was a young, dynamic exponent of what free journalism means nowadays. Bajo las alfrombras del congreso is the starting point for her new crusade: a seamless, unbiased, neat journalism, based on what she really perceives, far away from those restrictions directly imposed by ideological, political and economical powers. Ketty Garat easily conforms the Planet-BPM profile as a young, internationally driven professional, who defends adventure. Like Charles Dickens at the beginning of his career, for four years now, Ketty Garat has worked as a parliamentary journalist, reporting on both the Congress debates and election campaigns…

PARIS: City of writers

Culture By 16 marzo, 2017 No Comments

By Bill Collis

Walking along the boulevards of Paris, becoming a flaneur, is an essential Parisian experience – more so if you have a passion for the literary history of the city. For the The Band of Outsiders’ Literary Walking tour in Paris,

BREAKDOWNS: How to manage defeats

Culture, Europe bad and good By 22 enero, 2017 No Comments

Many companies or people in Europe are in a breakdown at the moment, either on a professionnal or private basis. A breakdown is a situation in which you realize you cannot continue like before, and you can´t go foreward as you had planned. It is a huge obstacle on the way to where you were going and it is a stiuation that you can´t ignore and need to pay attention to. Breakdowns occur regularly in our lives, whether we like it or not.

A breakdown doesn´t necessarily have to be negative. It can be meaningful for an indivicual but it is huge to deal with. An example would be a promotion in your company or a change in career: for example that you have left the environment of a multinational corporation and want to set up your own business.