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EUROPE: Real change – more doing, less talking

Culture, Europe bad and good By 2 November, 2016 No Comments

Interview with Stefanie Claudia Müller 

I think that the term proletariat refers to industrial workers while precariat includes all the badly paid service workers, some of them even have an academic carreer. It is more about financial exploitation than a physical one. The difference is that Precarians are totally aware of their situation, they have travelled, they have more knowledge and a lot of them dispose of a very good education, which makes it even harder for them to stand the situation. You have more precarians in countries like Spain where you nearly have any social benefits and just the family as your last chance.

FASHION: Europe is the place to be – Alexander McQueen

Culture, Europe bad and good By 26 October, 2016 No Comments

By Sol Vallejo Oyarzun

The world of fashion is as fascinating as each designers mind. It is a journey towards parallel worlds, where each artist recreates their magical vision of what design means to them.

Everything revolves around transformative forms, bringing haute couture; to the creation of a universe where different textiles come to life. Bodies appear beautifully immersed en the craziness of each designer, and recreate their unique take on this art. To venture into this dreamy and wonderful cosmos, can really be an experience that takes us away from the earthly, to fly between volumes, cuts, folds, etc… If I had to disappear from this reality to arrive in the fascinating mind of a designer, I would say that Alexander McQueen made me feel an indescribable sensation, which made me want to study fashion. This magician of the needle made me emotional and made me feel passion for fashion.

GERMANY: Job offers for educaters with German knowledge

Jobs By 12 October, 2016 No Comments is looking for qualified  EU-Educators that are willing to work in Munich and are looking for an unlimited employment contract. Our clients are German Children care institutions (Kindergarten). Since there is a lack of qualified educators we are looking for European girls and boys with good German knowledge that are willing to move to Germany. In the whole process the candidate will be accompanied and introduced in the German education culture. He or she will be helped to find an appartment in Munich

EUROPEAN ADVERTISING SECTOR: Marc Díaz Williams believes the sector is dead

Jobs By 21 August, 2016 No Comments spoke with Marc Díaz Williams, founder of the agency Katapult in Madrid. Created in 2011, no one believed that businesses could grow with advertising in the hard times after the bailout of the financial sector. But Marc, half-American and coming from the financial sector, knew that it was possible with a unique touch of creativity. The young entrepreneur just received the distinction from the prestigious Instituto Choiseul of being one of the 100 Future economic leaders of tomorrow. The CHOISEUL 100 Spain ranking produced by this organization (an independent “think tank” dedicated to the analysis of strategic international matters) identifies the 100 most influential Spaniards in the business world under 40 years of age.

GERMAN CULTURE: What strikes a Spaniard?

Culture, Europe bad and good By 13 August, 2016 No Comments

by Stefanie Claudia Müller, Madrid

Begoña Quesada  is a Spanish journalist and writer who worked for many years in International politics. Even though she belongs to a very educated part of the Spanish society it is difficuilt for her, just as for everyone,   to  not see another country through stereotypes. The young mother lives with her family in Munich where life  even for somone from Cologne can be very different. In that sense “Alemania, el país imprescindible” plays with old clichés which  we relate to Germany like the obsession to plan everything and the eagerness to work well, but there are also some interesting and deeper insights about the German culture apart from these already very much described stereotypes that make this book valuable to read.

CROWDFARMING: A Spanish example with bees

Europe bad and good By 29 July, 2016 No Comments

by Anna Wanninger 

During the past 10 to 15 years beekeepers across the globe have detected a remarkable decrease of the bee population. In North America, the region with the most significant decline, this phenomenon is referred to as “Colony Collapse Disorder”. Having a closer look at Western Europe, we find France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain among the most affected countries.