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NETWORKING: “Thank you” is the most important thing to remember

Jobs By 1 November, 2017 No Comments

One of the most important things you can do in business is to network. It’s important to have an offline as well as online network and the key is to maximize both tools. The principles of offline and online networking, stripping away the technology, are basically the same. Many people understand business networking as selling yourself, your business or product, but that is not the case. Successful networking is all about building sincere, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships based on generosity. The principles and techniques of business networking are mostly common sense and many of the behavioural principles that generally apply to relationships also apply to business. 

CATALONIA: Economy and Chaos

Culture By 23 October, 2017 No Comments

By Costanza Cerasi

According to the Spanish government, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has been responsible for a “rebellious, systematic and conscious disobedience” of the statutory and constitutional obligations and has “seriously attacked” the general interest of the state. Based on these reasons the Spanish government requested the activation of Article 155 at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in Madrid in order to properly define the measures for re-taking of Catalonia after the events that followed the independence referendum.

SPAIN: Sports, Media and Jobs

Jobs By 21 October, 2017 No Comments

by Costanza Cerasi

In the past years Spain has grown to be one of the most successful sports nations in the world. Besides biking, sailing, canoe, swimming, basketball and volleyball, Spain’s enormous achievement can be traced back to two sports specifically: motorace, soccer and tennis.

Spain is leading the sports sector in Europe

Spain has two of the most famous soccer teams on the world: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are owned by their club supporters, therefor they have hundreds of supporters, they are called socios