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Syria needs Europa, Europe needs Syria

Immigration By 21 April, 2020 No Comments

The situation in Syria continues to worsen – an observation made innumerable times over the last nine years of brutal conflict. But the further hollowing out of Syrian society, the ongoing suffering of its people – especially given the possible spread of covid-19 – and its impact on European interests should still spark intense internal reflection in Europe. In addition to the moral imperative of helping the Syrian people, Europe’s chief interest in Syria is to re-establish stability, and thereby prevent refugee outflows to its own shores and terrorism in its own cities.

Tech women wanted

Jobs By 20 April, 2020 No Comments

Women are long time suffers of ‘imposter syndrome’, especially in
fields dominated by men. However, women around the world have been able to bring a new perspective to the tech industry, and their skills and experience are just as valuable when they feel comfortable enough to impose them. Studies like this can help bring confidence to women who do not feel their opinion matters to the tech industry.” Over the years, people have begun to recognise the issues regarding gender differences in certain sectors and have started to make an effort towards diminishing it.

There is more than Covid-19

Immigration By 11 April, 2020 No Comments

We thought that we are invincibles, we thought that we would never die, but there is nothing more sure in life than the fact that it will end one day.  Nor technology, neither health care or living beyond possibilities can avoid the end of our life at one point.

Unfortunately there are many countries where this moment is earlier than in other. Countries that suffer wars, hunger or hygenic situations put their population in danger every day, there is a Covid-19 situation all the time, even much worse than that. One of those countries is Syria.

We talk today with the founder of ZELTSCHULE, an ambitious project to lecture refugee children from Syria, the wonderful Jacqueline Flory, mother herself. In her world Covid-19 is just another problem.

Corona changes everything

Living By 24 March, 2020 No Comments

by Adrian Leeds

Everything we thought was going to happen in our lives in the near future is being thwarted by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a lesson to be learned that what we believe will happen in the future is completely illusory. As philosopher Eckhart Tolle said: “The future is usually imagined as either better or worse than the present. If the imagined future is better, it gives you hope or pleasurable anticipation. If it is worse, it creates anxiety. Both are illusory.”

Living in Germany as a Turkish woman

Immigration By 17 March, 2020 No Comments

My name is Firuze and I was born in Kassel in Germany. My parents came to Germany as part of the recruitment agreement between the Federal Republic and Turkey. The first of my family to come to Germany was my maternal grandmother. She left her 5 children with her family and my grandfather, because she got the chance to earn a lot of money in Germany.

It was a difficult decision, however, like many others, she decided to return to her home in Ankara before the end of the employment contract.
While she was working in Germany, there was a tragedy at home. Her husband, my grandfather, had cheated on my grandmother with a widow. The affair blew up and as the culture and traditions demanded at the time, the shame had to be washed clean with blood.