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RETAIL SECTOR: artificial intelligence & competitiveness

Jobs By 20 March, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

What impact does technology have on the retail sector? This question has been discussed a lot in the recent years and stays still unanswered. Some people even have referred to the ‘apocalypse’ of the sector caused by online shopping. But thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), companies in the retail sector will move from a “preventive” business model to a “predictive” model. This will help them to be much more efficient, according to the report “AI, the future of Retail” presented by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital), ICEX and Kairos. AI can improve the customer service and optimize the production processes of retail.

GENDER: gap between men and women in welfare

Living By 14 March, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

The indicator of welfare for men is higher than for women. In 2013, the average differential of both genders in Spain was 0.3% and in 2017 more than 4%. So, it raised significantly. According to the study published by Fedea, this indicator increases with age and educational level within each sex. The good news is that during this period the employment has grown and the inequality has been reduced – for both genders. But in all cases more for men than for women.

TRADER: women are better

Jobs By 9 March, 2019 No Comments

Being a trader is still a masculine dominated profession. According to a recent study only 1 out of 7 online traders are female. But this figure has already increased since 2017’s results  – which found out that 1 in 10 were female. As a result of those statistics, you can assert that female traders are becoming more and more prevalent.

In comparison with men, women has lots of traits who are quite useful for the job as a trader. For example the trait that all women tend to possess by nature is to protect. That’s why female traders might then potentially have a long-term orientation, and may possibly take on lower risk trades. We talked with the German attorney, bestselling author, consultant and expert of international capital markets, Sandra Navidi, about the work as a trader and how it is to be a female trader.

SPAIN: the fight against the high unemployment

Jobs By 8 March, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

The unemployment rate stays extremely high in Spain – with more than 32%. But how to improve the situation? Therefore the Spanish Government approved now the Youth Employment Plan. Some of its aims are the apprenticeship of at least 225 000 young people in digital skills and the creation of a network of 3 000 new counsellors. The plan is valid during 2019 and 2021 and costs about 2 billion euros.

Other objectives of the plan are the establishment of a quality labour framework in employment and dignity at work. Young people should be protagonists of their labour insertion and qualification. The activity rate of young people between 20 and 29 years is expected to increase to 73.5%. The number of permanent contracts is predicted to rise by 15%.