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Become successful with “Friends”

Jobs By 29 May, 2020 No Comments

Europe never created anything as successful than “Friends”. But they are becoming better and better in the production of series as “House of paper” and “Berlin Babylon”. But “Friends” was so successful because it united a group of characters everyone could identify with and was a typical 80ies show where everything seems to be fun and in place. Playing with Which ‘Friends’ character would earn the most in the real world? Like in the current world, the women would earn less and the most well-off Friends character would be Joey, making an average of £49,678 (or $61,022) from his acting career.

German brands lose value

Europe bad and good By 20 May, 2020 No Comments

Top 100 most valuable German brands stand to lose up to 11% of brand value – over €49 billion – following devasting COVID-19 pandemic. Mercedes-Benz retains titles of Germany’s most valuable brand, brand value €58.7 billion. Germany’s fastest growing brand, RWE, jumps 32 spots in ranking following staggering 96% brand value growth. Chemicals giant BASF is nation’s strongest brand, Brand Strength Index (BSI) score 85.9 out of 100.

Spain’s image abroad

Culture By 5 May, 2020 No Comments

Spain is the land of beaches, cheerful people, relax and sun, but also of culture, music, theatre and art. There are hardly more creative people on the planet than in Spain, creative in everything … as well in making up, hiding, cheating, but also in overcoming. We asked a Dutch person living in Barcelona how it felt these days to be in Spain.