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SPAIN: The culture of lying

Culture, Europe bad and good By 22 junio, 2016 No Comments

by Hillmann Hollister and Stefanie Claudia Müller

The Hispanic world nurtures a certain hypocritical culture, a mix of educated discretion and a lack of validity. In the work force in Spain and Latin America it is difficult to tell if someone is saying “no” or if they’re saying “I can’t”. One will always find an indirect manner to say no. Lying is ugly, but the absence of the truth is healthy and convenient for many Hispanics. And even though it pains us to realize it, we have to lie or hide the truth so that we don’t hurt people and so that they respect us as well, because this is another: If I say it they will say it back to me situation. For this reason, it’s necessary to be polite sometimes. This is the “made in Spain” form of lying.

SPANISH POLITICS: Untangling the web

Europe bad and good, Jobs, Living By 16 junio, 2016 No Comments

By Hillman Hollister

I used to think that American politics were complicated—then I came to Spain. Here there are numerous political parties (none of which has been able to win a majority), whispers of a corrupt political elite, and parts of Spain which don’t even want to be parts of Spain. On the 26th of June, the country is set to engage in yet another round of elections to determine its next ruling party. This is the second election in the past seven months, and it seems as though Spaniards are just about filled to the brim with politics. With four major political parties competing for votes, there certainly is a lot to talk about.


Culture, Living By 16 junio, 2016 No Comments

Viennese cuisine is the only type of cooking in the world that is named after a city. Vienna is also the only metropolis in the world that grows enough wine within city limits to be worth mentioning. The Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of gemütlichkeit. No wonder that the bistro, wine tavern and cafe are the foundational pillars of Vienna’s culture of food pleasures in all its enticing variety.

SPAIN: Born to be late

Culture, Jobs By 14 junio, 2016 No Comments

Do you find yourself again and again with a mountain of things to do? Do you have an interminable list of tasks which, at first, you feel motivated to take care of? This is how many work days start in Spain. This way to organize working life, but suddenly someone asks you something, you start to busy yourself with that, and when you want to return to what you were doing you are lost. Procrastination happens pretty often, but why? It is much easier to postpone tasks than it is to take care of them in the moment, and it isn’t hard to make excuses.

GERMANY: Learn how to get into the labor market

Jobs, Study By 14 junio, 2016 No Comments

Antti Kapanen, a 36-year-old Finn living in Berlin since 2004, has been educating international students since 2007 in the postgraduate programme Master of Business Administration and Engineering at the HTW Berlin. Since 2014, he researches the employability of German universities foreign graduates. In August 2015, he launched on the Employability Skills MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to help migrants integrate better to the German labour market. An updated version of the course will be re-launched in June 2016.