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Stefanie Müller

MADRID: The smartest Spanish city

Living By 12 agosto, 2017 No Comments

Madrid is Spain’s highest-placed city in the fourth edition of IESE’s Cities in Motion Index (CIMI), climbing three positions in the period analyzed (2014-16) and standing out in the dimension of Mobility and Transportation, in 6th place, and in International Impact at 15th. Barcelona has dropped overall to 35th from 2014, but it is the best-placed city for International Impact, ranking 4th in the world behind Paris, London and Bangkok. 

BOOKS TO READ: Half of the heaven is female

Jobs By 4 junio, 2017 No Comments

By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Dr. Martina Violetta Jung has got a very different CV. For many it might not be comprehensible that someone who managed to be in the board of directors of important companies in Germany and Belgium suddenly dedicates her professional life to writing, to write Business Poems, but also books about women and success.