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RETHINKING ECONOMY: Maeve Cohen wants changes

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by Amalia Mobley

It’s the day after International Women’s Day. Less than 24 hours ago, women all around the world gathered in solidarity. We use this day to demand equality, fairness, and the right to enjoy all of the privileges men enjoy. As a part of that effort, Maeve Cohen, director of Rethinking Economics, believes that one of the most crucial steps to equality is a more practical and gendered approach to economic study.

ETH ZURICH: Disney Research

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The ETH  is one of the best engineering universities in the world. That is why the “Disney Research Zurich (DRZ)” – the only Walt Disney research lab at a European university – was opened there six years ago. The director of the  lab at ETH Zurich, Markus Gross, revealed what innovations the researchers are working on, affording a glimpse into the future of animated film. Markus Gross offers an insight into his team’s activities; behind him is the inventor Gyro Gearloose, who inspired Gross to do a degree in engineering in the first place.

RENEWABLES IN EUROPE: Hasselmann Method for a cleaner economy

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“Building a new, cleaner economy is an absolute necessity, so the sooner we get started, the better.” These warning words were pronounced by physicist and mathematician Klaus Hasselmann: “It is important that government action to overcome the present economic crisis looks to the technologies of the future, particularly renewable energy technologies”, Hasselmann urges.  “So after the recovery, we are set on a new development path with lower atmospheric emissions of CO2, and not back on the old heavy emissions path. That way we can use the crisis to mitigate climate change.”

ETH ZURICH: Pioneer Fellowship at the best university in Switzerland

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A “Pioneer Fellowship” is a fellowship that is awarded to one or two individuals intending to perform applied research leading towards a product or service that is based on their own, previous research. Pioneer Fellowships are not awarded for basic research. Given the limited number of fellowships available in a given year, they are the result of a competitive process to ensure the innovation potential of the successful application.


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by Stefanie Claudia Müller

Professor Juan José Duran Herrera says in his foreword to the book Gestión de riesgos financieros en la banca internacional that financial stability is an “intangible asset of great social value” that has to be guaranteed not only by supervisors and governments but also by financial institutions… Corruption and fierce speculation has destroyed the trust the banking business is based on.

ZURICH: ETH is among the best in Europe

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The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich has the best reputation of all universities in continental Europe, according to many rankings.  ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is a leading player in research and education in Switzerland and worldwide.  ETH Zurich’s 16 departments offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes in engineering and natural sciences. The language of instruction in the Bachelor programmes is German, whereas English is the prime language on the graduate level.

The links with business and industry are very close, Zurich being the economic center of Switzerland and home to numerous international companies. And beyond world-class education, Zurich also offers many other quality-of-life highlights. Zurich has a metropolitan flair, excellent sports facilities, an extensive range of cultural and recreational offerings – and a very vibrant nightlife.