Karen Moan is not Karen Moan, but she could be. She began to be someone else. She likes role-playing and being crazy. The 47-year-old Spanish woman with the red dress and mother of two children feels like she still wants to discover, to long and explore. In her former life, she was a journalist, happily married to an Irish man, now she is an Event-Manager with less money, but happier: “Just to do and be what you think is your destiny is an enormous satisfaction”.

Private parties to have fun and make money

The events she most likes to organize are her private parties with erotic games in the “Moan Club”, in the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapies in Madrid. Moan organizes them several times a month, the entrance is about 30 euros, food and drinks included. In her guest list are 200 people that she knows personally. To the parties usually, around 60 people come. It starts off with some silly erotic games and then music and who wants more can go to a “fun room”. Music is always around. “Everything is safe and it is more to find a good laugh than to have a sexual adventure”, she says.

When sexy love becomes an event

Moan believes in love at first sight and also in loving several persons at the same time. Spain is quite conservative which is why she creates a pseudonym like Karen Moan: “But in the meantime, I do not care anymore what people say”. The small black-haired woman has grown enormously in the last years. She seems to keep jealousy under control since she practices open relationships, but the feeling of jealousy is not completely diminished: “I always ask myself why I feel certain things and then try to let it go”. The great experience of the conversion in Karen Moan was that she became more tolerant in general: “With different looks, cultures, attitudes”. The attraction is not linked anymore to genders, but to persons, not to physique, but to the energy a person emits.

Moan wants other women to be as open minded and free like her, that is why she organizes workshops about sex behavior and culture, she explains and helps women to become stronger and defend themselves against abuse of all kind. “Just someone that is strong, can say no”, she believes. As Karen Moan she feels that she is in control of many things: “And that makes me happy. I have no feeling of guilt anymore, I am easygoing and honest with my partner”. She wrote a book about her story, she did not become famous as a writer, but it helped her in a process of finding herself and not being ashamed anymore. The book is named like the club: The Moan Club: “I had to learn that not all dreams can come true and that one has to cope with defeats”.

Text: Stefanie Claudia Müller
Picture in the café: Andrea Sagay
Video: Paloma Marquez