Ana María Matute

Ernesto Cardenal, Fernando Vallejo, Nicanor Parra, Eduardo Galeano and Fina García Marruz are among the already nominated to Premio Cervantes 2011. Today, 1.12.2011 the jury is announcing the final decision of what, at he end of the day is deemed as the most important Literature Award within the Spanish speaking universe.  The award is 125.000 worth and was intentionally created in 1975 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture to recognize authors who, by means of their whole work contribute enriching the Spanish Literary Legacy. Even though it is not recorded in the prize regulations, every other year the award is assigned to a Latin American writer. So it should be like this year, as the 2010 edition prize was destined to Ana María Matute.

It is not surprising then that “bets” for Ernesto Cardenal, Fernando Vallejo y Eduardo Galeano, among others freely circulate in the media. However, in the event this hidden law did not apply this year, the most likely candidates would clearly be Francisco Nieva, Caballero Bonald, los hermanos Juan y Luis Goytisolo y Javier Marías.