According to the Spanish Ministry of Culture, El Plan de Fomento de la Lectura is a a Reading Program destined to promote the “reading habit” among Spaniards, understanding the “reading habit” as the key factor for success in terms of personal development and social interaction, without which one could hardly survive within democratic societies. So it “reads” in the Reading & Library Act and Regulations  (Ley 10/2007 de 22 de junio).

The Program conceives the reading habit promotion as a task which differs from reading capabilities which start within the family and schools, and that needs people and places which favour the access to books.

Thus, the promotion program for reading habits enhancement is understood as a task common to the whole society as a result of a closer collaboration among the leaders of cultural, social, educative and communication policies. Setting it into practise has led to several collaboration programs and agreements among national public and private organisations which enable the involvement of all individuals in order to consolidate a more reading society.


  • Promotion and increase social awareness towards the relevance of reading.
  • Improving access to both public and school libraries, as well as a better supply of them.
  • Organising cultural and promotional activities in order to focus on reading in many different scopes.
  • Aid for disfavoured communities (immigrants, the elderly, handicapped or inmates) to accede to books and reading, backed up by not-for-profit initiatives and other  either public or private organisations.


The program structure comprehends six areas:

  1. Close, detailed Reading Workshop, as an analysis tool.
  2. Increasing voluntary reading in Educational Centres.
  3. Promotion of Public Libraries.
  4. Communication Programs.
  5. Reading Promotion Programs.
  6. Promotion of Awareness and Collaboration among Organisations involved.