CHRISTMAS: We all love it

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Christmas keeps people together everywhere in the world. Coming home for christmas. In we wish you the best party ever and give you some ideas about how people celebrate these days in other continents and countries Christianity has been on the continent since the middle of the first century, and approximately 350 million Africans are Christian — so, they’ve had a lot of time to develop their own unique holiday traditions, like masquerade parties and dining al fresco.

SWEDEN: The problem of overqualification

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Sweden has been the model for many things in the last years. But the refugee wave has changed as well many things in Scandinavia. Against extreme right wing tendences an Academic lobby seeks fundemental changes in the treat oft foreign-born academics in Sweden. According to many studies they are disproportionately overqualified for their job or unemployed and action should be taken to make better use of their talent, according to a new analysis published by Jusek, a union of university graduates.

MALAGA: Hub for Scandinavians

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By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Spain has got a great advantage compared to Germany: It had got the crisis and had to follow a rough austerity policy due to the European intervention in 2012. While the South of Europe went through some harsh reforms because of that and had to calculate with intelligence every investment, Germany was just growing and growing without undergoing any major reform in the social, fiscal or banking systems. The Germans in times of constant growth even managed to cut debts. Now it seems like the South can show the North how to play the future.