FAMILY BUSINESS: Job machines in Europe

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by Natalia Torres

At recent report by McKinsey & Company shows that 60% of the largest companies in emerging markets are of family nature. According to the Global Family Business Index, drawn up by the University of St. Gallen, the 500 largest family firms in the world account for 6.5 Billion dollars in annual sales, and employ 21 million people. Employers are anticipating change. Three out of four business leaders believe automation will require new skills over the next complexy years. People working in IT and customer service should feel optimistic. Those employers anticipate greatest increases in headcount, rapid growth in demand is also expected across almost all industries for defining the need to balance our production capacity and actual production: from family businesses to real professional entrepreneurial families.

EUROPEAN DIGITAL JOBS: You cannot even imagine how they will be

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7a. About usThe second biggest Spanish Bank BBVA invests strongly in digitalization. Chairman Francisco González  believes that “the technological and digital transformation is an extraordinary opportunity, but actively managing the changes it entails is fundamental to ensuring equal opportunity and the transfer of its enormous benefits, advantages and possibilities to the whole of society.”

JOBS IN WINE INDUSTRY: Is Europe the place to be?

Jobs By 10 septiembre, 2017 No Comments had the chance to talk to William Long who is running Long Wines, a export company based in Madrid. He is British and came to Spain specifically because of the wine culture and business of the country. We asked him how is the sector doing and what opportunities there are for young wine lovers. 

MADRID: Losing Patience in Spain

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By James G. Skinner

Spaniards are fed up! They are fed up of political bickering, government statements of ‘the end of recession’, independence pleas by regional nationalists, banking disorders, corruption in practically every sector of the community, be it political parties, town councils, trade unions – who have been very quiet by the way – individual tax evaders and above all, members of the royal family.