TOURISM: The job machine in Europe

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There are previsions about how we will travel in the future. Some people and experts in lifestyle and economic visions believe that we will have more and more time in the coming years because we will work less hours, retire earlier and have more money to go somewhere else and relax – at least some of us. Among these people that believe in this vision for the coming year we find Jörg Lindner, an renown German investor in the European tourism market. He not just believes in a better world today and in the coming years than we had before, he also thinks that we will see an enormous growth in the tourism industry.

OPERA: El Teatro Real shows how to attract youngsters

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Opera is too long, boring and it is always the same story.

That is what most of the  young kids tend to say about opera, classical theatre and music plays. And also among the not so young there are not many people that love classical opera, that can last for hours and hours. In the Teatro Real in Madrid there were very aware of the changing times and adapted their programme and presentations completely to the new lifestyle and the importance of social media, to the impact of visual stimulation with lights and costumes and the wish of the people to share the experience that can cost between 25 and 200 euros with their friends, to “show off” with their cultural life.

The Spanish opera house per reference not just has  introduced very different tools to enjoy their spectacles like the open air sessions and two language translation, but they also combine abstract staging in the programme like pieces of Pina Bausch alongside with classical parts as “Zauberflöte” and Wagner.  And in between “La Traviata” and “Hoffmanns Erzählungen” the Teatro Real tries to attract young and different people to its holy halls by offering concerts with famous rockstars. And now they also launched a series of modern opera plays that focus more on acting, work with suspension and therefore stimulate our attention more than we were used to. That way falling asleep in the Teatro Real becomes more and more difficuilt! Very good examples of this “new” style are the operas  “Dead Man walking” and “Faust”. To get more financial independence Teatro Real also starts co-producing like in the case of “Faust”  to gain their place in the world of property and copyrights.  And since some of the productions are also successful abroad they become more important internationally wise.

AI: Silicon Valley attracts European talents

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Experts in artifical intelligence are wanted everywhere. In Europe we have some of the best universities to study it. But unfortunately countries like UK and Germany face an artificial intelligence ‘brain drain’ as Silicon Valley raids its top universities for talent, data compiled by The Telegraph shows. Around a third of leading machine learning and AI specialists who have left the United Kingdom’s top institutions are currently working at Silicon Valley tech firms.

SPAIN: Learning by doing

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by Stefanie Claudia Müller

There is a small city in the north of Spain, in Cantabria, that is going against all odds.  The people of Corrales de Buelna not only fought 200 years before Christ like Asterix and Obelix against the romans, they also are a very social and open minded oriented society in a political more conservative and traditional surrounding. Everything seems to be different in the small villages that form the city. They go for tradition, but they also want to go abroad and get to know the world. This is also in part  thanks to the vision of one man.  First of all this patriot wanted to place his hometown in the history books and create a touristic attraction at the same time. But he realized quickly that there was much more about it then that. He just learned during the process, what could be achieved with organizing something together at that scale of a city.

In a way the founder of the “Guerras Cántabras”, Juan Miguel Villamuera, is a Spanish Asterix, even in a more metaphoric way. 17 years ago the by now grandfather looked for an activity that could unite the several independent spots of Corrales and its very different people. He wanted them to be proud of their roots and longed for living more in harmony then they did until then. “When one summer I saw historic spectacles in Cartagena, I realized that we in Cantabria have a lot to tell, since we were the last bastion fighting the roman invasion. I saw it as a chance to build up something big with my people here in Corrales”.