Work less and live longer

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Long working hours shorten life expectancy by 9 years due to working weeks that exceed 48 hours. Every hour spent at work per week above the recommended 48 hours shaves 2.25 years off your life. Countries which have an average working week that exceeds 48 hours die an average of two years earlier than those that work for 45 hours or less, new research shows. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, countries with a high life expectancy between 82.2 and 84.2 years, among them Spain, work an average of 40.7 hours per week, compared to the average 42.6 hour worked by countries with lifespans between 52.9 and 59.8.

Ursula von der Leyen – Is she a good leader?

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Will Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell be able to turn things round? The latest report from the European Council on Foreign Relations and coauthors Mark Leonard, cofounder and director of ECFR, and Carl Bildt, cochair of ECFR – From plaything to player: How Europe can stand up for itself in the next five years – argues that Europeans still have the power to take their destiny into their own hands – if they make major changes to how they organize themselves.

NOTODOFILMFEST: Equality in Film

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By Paloma Márquez

NOTODOFILMFEST is changing the way films are seen, literally. The film festival is paving the way for on the spot viewership, allowing audiences to watch short movies online and on mobile devices from an application. It is the way the world is moving towards, and people already watch everything on their mobile devices. The film fest is open to anyone who wants to register before the deadline of September 10th. The participants can start submitting their short films beginning July 10th and win the prize of 3,000 Euros, if selected as a winner. Manuela Burló Moreno, the director of Rumbos, will be a judge during the film festival with the induration of Hamlet, de Gloria Ramos.

MERCOSUR: more opportunities for the EU

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by Mariia Chaplia

EU-Mercosur agreement will significantly boost trade between the EU and the Mercosur bloc. By giving the Mercosur bloc a preferential access to the European food market, the deal would allow European consumers to enjoy a greater choice of beef, poultry, sugar, and honey at a lower price. The EU-Mercosur FTA is undoubtedly a big win for consumer choice.

EUROPE: climate change splits up

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A report aftermath of the European Parliament election, finds that almost half (44%) of Spanish voters think their country’s political system is “broken”. Support for the EU, however, remains strong – with parties, and voters, agreed on the need for pan-European engagement on to key issues, such as climate, the economy, and international security.