PARIS: the best universities

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Unlike London and Boston, Paris does not have a global top-30 university, so it may come as a surprise that it ranks as the world’s top city for international students. But consider this: Paris has 16 institutions in the QS World University Rankings, comfortably more than any other city on the planet.

UK: Students have no Business skills

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by Tom Cridland

A survey by the business group has found eight out of 10 British school-leaverslack essential business skills” such as numeracy. More than 80% of young people require “significant training” before being put to work, according to the 4,000 finance professionals questioned. The figure is worse than last year, when 75% of school-leavers were said to need this level of help after being hired.

SPAIN: Becoming an ideal venue for filmakers

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In these days takes place one of the most extraordinary film festivals in Europe: La Cabina. It is a festival for medium length movies. A genre that is not very commercial, but is used by many alternative film makers, mainly European directors,  to create some high quality stories, very similar to short films, but with more emphasis on the camera direction, music and story telling. The 34 years old Carlos Madrid is the iniator of this festival that is getting more and more international attention. It has been created in Valencia where it has become already part of the movie scene. We asked him about funding, ambitions and motiviations.

EUROPE: Real change – more doing, less talking

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Interview with Stefanie Claudia Müller 

I think that the term proletariat refers to industrial workers while precariat includes all the badly paid service workers, some of them even have an academic carreer. It is more about financial exploitation than a physical one. The difference is that Precarians are totally aware of their situation, they have travelled, they have more knowledge and a lot of them dispose of a very good education, which makes it even harder for them to stand the situation. You have more precarians in countries like Spain where you nearly have any social benefits and just the family as your last chance.

FASHION: Europe is the place to be – Alexander McQueen

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By Sol Vallejo Oyarzun

The world of fashion is as fascinating as each designers mind. It is a journey towards parallel worlds, where each artist recreates their magical vision of what design means to them. Everything revolves around transformative forms, bringing haute couture; to the creation of a universe where different textiles come to life. Bodies appear beautifully immersed en the craziness of each designer, and recreate their unique take on this art. To venture into this dreamy and wonderful cosmos, can really be an experience that takes us away from the earthly, to fly between volumes, cuts, folds, etc… If I had to disappear from this reality to arrive in the fascinating mind of a designer, I would say that Alexander McQueen made me feel an indescribable sensation, which made me want to study fashion. This magician of the needle made me emotional and made me feel passion for fashion.